Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bad Day 7--The Worst So Far

Today was a bad day. It started out well. I wore the cute new outfit I bought last Friday that fits beautifully and makes my neck look longer because the designer isn't British and is not out to get me. And I did my hair really well. Usually, good hair makes for a good day and my hair looked really good today. It even got the random Asian girl seal of approval. I was walking home from work after a long hot day, and a strange Korean girl I had never met before said she really liked the way I did it. And one thing I have learned after living in Korea on three different occasions (Husband is in love with Korea probably even more than with me) is that Korean women know good hair. So I do believe mine looked really good today. I was inspired by this up-do worn by Kate Middleton:

Mine was a little less elaborate and required no bobby pins, but you get the idea and it looked really pretty. And also it did not give me a headache which wearing a pony-tail always does. So there I was looking and feeling good, and then all of a sudden I fell apart. I blame the nightmare.

I have had the same nightmare for years which is that I am standing on the ground and look up to see a plane falling from the sky and I rush to the scene to try to save people, but I can never get there quickly enough. I have this dream only rarely, but often enough to remember it. I told my friend in China about it once and he said I was psychic and I should look in the paper for plane crashes around the time of my dream. However, my friend is very superstitious and also thought that a jade bracelet would cure me of cancer, which I didn't have anyway, but that is a different story. I think the dream is more about stress and trying to do too much and being overwhelmed.

I had it again last night, and it is all Husband's fault because this time he was on the plane and I knew it and I couldn't reach him and it was awful. Admittedly, I have a lot of dreams about Husband that aren't true. Once I woke him up to tell him I had a dream we were fighting and I was really mad about the things he said. He didn't appreciate either being woken up or being accused of saying things that were in my imagination. I think he had a point with that one. I also used to dream he was cheating on me, but I realized that was because he had a new job and he wasn't sharing much about it with me. So even though I know this dream is not real and there isn't going to be a plane crash, I'm still mad at Husband for making me stressed about him being in a place where I can't reach him to save him if I need to and I cried all morning. And also, he said he would call and he didn't call and he said he'd Skype and he didn't so now I'm probably going to have that stupid cheating dream again. Grrr.

As for who is having a worse day than me? That would be Lindsay Lohan.

Because not only is she no longer a cute red-head, she is having serious hair issues and she looks older than me and I am old enough to be her mother. I think I may be older than her mother, actually. So Lindsay, thanks for reminding me that good hair helps, even when your stupid Husband is in stupid Afghanistan. (And thank you, Donna for this suggestion.)

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