Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why am I having a bad day?

Husband is leaving for Afghanistan tomorrow evening. I am not happy about this. I am not, by nature, an optimist. (Husband is laughing at this extreme understatement as he reads this, I predict.) Because I am trying to be a supportive wife, and also because I am trying to entertain myself for 365 days until he comes home, I am starting this blog.

Here is what I will not post: Things related to Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Syria, or war in general. Nothing "uplifting" or "inspiring." No real information about my family life because I do value privacy even though my blog is decidedly not private. No politics. At all. Unless they are funny.

Here is what I will post: Snarky comments about my situation and ineptitude at various things. (Just wait until I try to paint the bathroom trim on my own!) Mistakes I make. Mistakes Husband makes. Ridiculous things. And each day, to help combat my pessimism, I will pick at least one person to comment on who is having a worse day than me.

I said before that this will not be an inspiring blog, but I hope it will be funny. Please comment and suggest. Please add to my list of people having worse days than me. However, please do not remind me of starving people in the Sudan, or that people are dying in Syria. I assure you that I do know these things. My job (which I will NOT write about) compels me to learn about them. I probably know more about them than you do. (Actually, I really do for reasons I will also not discuss.) But since I have to think about awful things for 8 hours every day, and since this blog is for entertainment purposes only, forget trying to make me feel bad because I will just delete your comments. I can do that. It's MY blog!

Now, on to the fun stuff. For the first winner of people who are having worse days than me, I pick the following.

Kate Gosselin every day she wore her hair like this:


This hairstyle was bad for America. And to wake up every day thinking it looked good, well that's a long string of bad days of denial. Even my worst bad hair days aren't as bad as this, so for that, I thank you, Kate.

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