Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bad Day 357--How much Advil can you take before your liver falls out?

OK. We've talked about how sore using crutches makes you, but I had no idea how painful a trip to the grocery store could be. After having my foot both kicked and hit with a cart, I have decided that until my foot is healed, I will not be doing any more grocery shopping. Online orders only, or someone else can go. Since the only other driver in the family is hanging out with bananas in Texas (seriously. Sent me a picture of her and some guy in a banana suit on Instagram.) then we will be ordering online this weekend. We are fully stocked with chips and hot dogs for tomorrow, but if the house guests want something healthy and not gluten-free, they will have to buy it themselves.

Sister-in-law 3 and her husband and Husband's Nephews 3, 4 & 8? (I don't know. I lose track. There are a lot of nephews on that side. I, myself, only have one.) are arriving late tonight. So I will leave to go get them in about 15 minutes. We are very excited for them to come because it is their first visit to us in Virginia. They came to China and we had a blast, although in hind sight, maybe we shouldn't have sent them down the river on a raft made of pvc pipe with a lawn chair on it. But it was a lot of fun.

This trip will be far less adventurous, but will involve fireworks on the Mall and a few Smithsonians and any monuments we can drive to because I am not walking 10 miles again. Child 2 & 3 have cleaned up as much as they can, and the rest will just have to stay messy because I can hardly move. Used up all my energy running away from evil grocery carts.

This fashion model is having a worse day than me. It is Paris fashion week and this is what one designer thought was good enough to send down the runway.

The Captain and Tenille hat is bad enough, and we won't even talk about what's going on in the pants area. (Body suits for men?) but what I really object to is the red lipstick because everyone knows that if you are wearing red, your lipstick should be nude. It's elementary people! You would think Parisians would know this. So thank you, Mr. Bad Make-up, for reminding me to wear sunscreen tomorrow, or I won't need red lipstick at all. My lips are always the first thing to burn.

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