Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bad Day 367--Godot arrives before Husband

I think I spend most of my life waiting. Waiting for the children, waiting for The Dog to find the perfect spot, waiting for the metro, waiting for people to clear on my papers, waiting for Husband to get home from Afghanistan. I think that if there is a God in Heaven, in the next life, people will have to wait for me. The children said they wanted to watch the A-team, but they are off somewhere doing something besides watching the A-team, so I am passing the time watching The Vicar of Dibley Parish, which is one of my favorite shows ever. I love Dawn French and this show makes me laugh out loud.

Child 2 just came in and confused the Vicar with Rosie O'Donnel. No. I love Rosie, but Rosie was not in any of the Harry Potter movies. Their education is sadly lacking. I have to fix that starting right now.

The children are here eating cheesecake on my bed, so it's time for the A-team and for the children to start quoting Mr. T. Never in my entire life did I ever think my daughters would run around saying "You can't drive, sucker!" and "I pity the fool!" It's surreal, really.

 This park ranger in Death Valley, California is having a worse day than me. She wanted to demonstrate how hot the record heat was in Death Valley, so she posted a video of an egg frying in the sun. Here is a still from the video.

The only problem is that people took that to mean that they should try frying eggs all over the national park which is now littered with spoiled eggs and cartons and broken egg-shells. And also, they forgot the pans. This is what happens to an egg on the sidewalk. It's not very edible.

You need a cast iron pan because they get really hot and a little oil to keep it from sticking, and it can take a while, so I wouldn't recommend actually eating the egg. Also, you can bake cookies on your dashboard. But that is beside the point because people should not be littering in national parks! That is just rude, and extremely unsanitary. So thank you, Ms. Ranger, for the awesome job you do taking care of our national treasures. And to the visitors frying eggs. Stop. It!

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