Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bad Day 365--Well, where is he?

I've done my 365 days of penance  I'd like my husband back now, please. Unfortunately, he's still in Afghanistan and won't be home until next Tuesday. He is very excited to come home, I think almost as much as we are to have him home. In fact, he is already packed. And if you know Husband, then you know that is highly unusual. He never packs early. Never. I start packing for vacations/moves at least a week in advance. If it's a PCS (permanent change of station which is federal speak for moving to a new post), then I start separating things out a month ahead so I know what needs to be washed, what needs to be replaced, what needs dry cleaning, etc. Husband, on the other hand, throws a bunch of stuff in a suitcase a few minutes before the movers arrive, sometimes even while they are trying to pack the bedroom. So the fact that his UAB is gone and he is already packed means he is really ready to come home. But he can't because today is the beginning of Ramadan and then it's Friday and the planes don't fly to Kabul on Fridays and then he has to go check out at the Embassy and for heaven's sake can't he just do it all by e-mail and send him on the plane already! I'm a little anxious, if you hadn't noticed.

In fact, I'm so ready for him to come home that today I totally lived on the edge. First, I didn't have a baked potato for lunch--I had a taco salad instead which I made by buying crunchy tacos and a salad and mixing them together. It was OK, but I didn't feel all that great after. Then, I ate Chinese food for dinner with my friend who was medevaced (federal speak for you can't get medical treatment at your post so you have to go somewhere else) from China. And yes, I had dishes with soy sauce in them, and yes, I'm paying for it now. I know that I'm a complete hypocrite because yesterday I ranted about people who think it is all in my head but this is why I hate those people because I started thinking maybe it is all in my head! It's not and now I'm sick, but I think I can sleep some of it off and I will only eat rice and mashed potatoes tomorrow. The problem is that I miss Chinese food like you wouldn't believe. If 10 years ago you had asked me which food would be the hardest to give up, I wouldn't have guessed it would be spicy Szechuan eggplant and fried green beans, but they. are. so. yummy! My friend "Jonas" and I used to each get our own dish of green beans at lunch and we would eat every single one. They don't look like much, but believe me it is the best way to eat vegetables ever.

I am a good cook, but I cannot seem to replicate these green beans. I'm going to have to give it another go because I don't think I can live without them in my life and it's really not worth the pain I am in at this moment. But oh, I miss those green beans! They are almost better than brownies, but those I know I can never have again because there is no such thing as a delicious carob brownies and it's not a brownie if it doesn't have chocolate in it.

This rabbit is having a worse day than me. You can figure out why just from the picture.

I make no judgment about the college boys who made a video of a wild rabbit. But thank you, Frankenrabbit for reminding me to be grateful that all I have are hives from the soy sauce (I guess it's not just chocolate any more.) I am itchy, but I don't have horns.


  1. It's not the same but Pei Wei is at least something and we've never had a reaction with their GF menu. (And if you don't want meat and just want all veggies they'll do that.) I hear you on the Chinese food. Nobody does veggies like the Chinese. If you ever get to Salt Lake, East West Connection is pretty awesome. Sorry you are sick.

  2. Hugs, Honey. Those last couple days before homecoming are surreal, no? I ran around like a headless chicken.

    With prayers and lots of verses of "Bring Him Home,"