Monday, July 8, 2013

Bad Day 362--Call me irresponsible

I don't have anything to do tonight. Not a blessed thing. Except walk The Dog. The Children are all off at activities so I'm left with The Dog. Thankfully, she isn't interested in my shoes at all tonight. She didn't get into the trash, either. I wonder what's wrong with her. She's just lying on the floor next to the bed doing nothing. Something must be wrong.

But I feel like I can just lie here in bed and do nothing because I was doing something all day long. I finished my last paper on budgets, and cleaned out some of my files, and whittled down my inbox. And then after I came home, I ran errands. Lots and lots of errands--All the things I wasn't able to do while I had on my cast, including buying swim trunks for Husband because when he sent me some links to what he liked, I was frightened that if I didn't step in, he would end up buying some that looked exactly like my grandfather's.

Not my favorite look. The ones Husband liked were longer, but still--too reminiscent of Grandpa. Just like that really hot guy can ride a horse without a shirt all he wants, but Old Spice still smells like Grandpa which isn't romantic at all. Comforting, yes. Happy, yes. But not romantic. Ick. It's too bad because that guy was really good looking. And he's on a horse.

This mother in Florida is having a worse day than me. And believe me that I am using the word "mother" only in the loosest sense. Here is her mug shot.

When she was arrested, she was wearing a lot more make-up and a really high ponytail and jeans and a white T that looked like they had been painted on. See here is the thing--she is 39. Now, trying to look younger than you are is not a bad thing as we all know I am completely guilty. When Child 3 the other day asked if I was 32, I said yes! You're right. How smart you are to guess my real age! And then feeling badly that I lied I told her how old I was and what year I was born in and she almost fainted. I'm not sure she was prepared to count that high. But this woman was trying to look 16 because that is the age of the boys she was hanging out with. She had a booze party at her house for a bunch of teenagers who of course got rowdy and someone called the police. When the police arrived, a neighbor told them a 7 year old child lived in the apartment. They found him locked in a room and his "mother" hiding under a pile of clothes. So thank you, Florida "Mom", for reminding me that I love my children and I would do anything for them, and when they are not here, I miss them. So does The Dog. She's sitting on Child 2's bed licking the blanket. Ick. Child 2, when you get home, please wash that blanket.

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