Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bad Day 364--Oooh don't get me started!

I am exhausted. Dog tired. The kind of tired that you can only feel after 2+hours of cleaning your child's room only to realize there is no possible way you are going to finish in one evening. The girl who's help I bid on to organize Child 2&3's room came over and we worked and worked and worked some more and we got a lot of it put away and organized and their drawers all labeled and two loads of laundry done. But now my foot is throbbing and my head aches and I just want to go to bed.

But first, I have to rant about this article in Slate Magazine which is making me really, really mad. First, it was written by a professor of Chinese philosophy who is not a scientist nor a nutritionist, nor does he have Celiac or an allergy to wheat or non-celiac gluten intolerance. So let's just get that out of the way that he has no academic or professional experience on which he could base his judgment. That makes me wonder why the magazine accepted the article at all, but that is their business I suppose, literally.

OK, second, not only does the author presume that people who say they are allergic to things really aren't he takes it upon himself to experiment with their health without telling them. That is right, he fed them the thing they said they were allergic to on purpose without letting them know and then because they didn't appear sick to him, he assumed that they were not allergic after all. There are so many things wrong with that set of actions that I think I need charts. But here is the thing, Mr. Unethical Experimenter, just because someone doesn't tell you they are sick does not mean they aren't. My reaction to wheat isn't the same as with chocolate. When I eat chocolate, my face turns red immediately and then I start breaking out in hives. It's not pretty and it's really uncomfortable for everyone. Someone once said what is wrong with you? are you having a heart attack? No, I just ate a brownie. I look a lot like this cute little baby, only I have more hair and makeup.

But my reaction to wheat is far less visible and far more uncomfortable. I get severe stomach pain which makes me almost double over and nausea and my tongue burns and my throat gets itchy and I just want to curl up in bed and lie there and never get out. But because it often happens at inconvenient times like a dinner party or at lunch in the cafeteria or when I'm out on a date with Husband in Italy, I don't tell anyone. I try to just power through it and keep going because I'm tired of letting this allergy rule my life. So my question is, Mr. UE, if you feed me wheat and it makes me very sick but I don't tell you, how do you know that I didn't have a reaction? That's right! You don't! Oh, you catch on quick. Also, just because you don't believe in those particular food allergies doesn't mean they don't exist. And why is it that there is a type of person who feels the need to prove that someone doesn't have a food allergy? What is it to you, Mr. UE, if someone thinks they are gluten intolerant but aren't really? How does it harm you? Because your actions certainly could harm someone else which is really, really unethical.

Anyone who has read this blog or who knows me knows that I did not come to this gluten-free lifestyle willingly and that for me it is not a choice. If I eat wheat I get sick--so sick that I am not functional and cannot work or take care of myself and my children. That's it. I therefore have to stay as far away from wheat and all of its many byproducts as I can. My not eating wheat doesn't harm anyone that I know of. I gladly applaud people who can still eat brownies. I always tell everyone that just because I can't enjoy it doesn't mean they shouldn't. So thank you, Mr. UE, for reminding me that most of my friends and family are lovely and patient and concerned enough about my health to eat at restaurants that have a gluten-free menu with me and look up recipes on the internet for me or research gluten in sour cream. And if I ever run into someone like you who feeds me wheat on purpose as an "experiment" I will be sure to let them know what I think of them, which is not very much.

This groom in England is having a worse day than me. His "friends" thought it would be funny to stage a kidnapping so they nabbed him and threw him in the back of a van. Like this.

After two hours, they finally told him who they were, but not before he was so scared that he broke out in shingles which is brought on by stress and can be super painful. So thank you, Unlucky Groom, for reminding me yet again what good friends I have. They would never kidnap me, well, maybe Artemis would, but I would recognizer her voice so it would all be OK.

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  1. You'd better **believe** I'd kidnap you, Honeychile. I just don't have the energy to do it today, which is just as well, since I sound like a frog and you'd be scared. And you'd have reason to be, since I might breathe in your direction and you don't need the extra bugs.

    Day 365 and we love you,

    Artemis and Adonis