Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bad Day 24--8 pm is NOT late!

Today was shaping up to be not a bad day at all. I haven't even cried for two days in a row now. Took the children to see the place where Husband and I got married and I didn't even tear up when I told the story of how I almost broke up with him and then he changed. And now it's been almost 20 years. And I laughed with them about how he took a date (not me) to see the symphony that my roommate played the bass in and she glared at him the whole concert and he couldn't tell the date that they had to leave early because his girlfriend's roommate was going to rat him out and he was REALLY uncomfortable and totally deserved it. The children all laughed at Husband's silliness and we had fun. This is where I was married. Beautiful, no?

On the way home we stopped for ice cream and I got licorice because I'm still trying to replace chocolate and I thought I would audition licorice for the role of best friend, and it let me down. Not as delicious as I had hoped. The children fared much better and had pomegranate, cookie dough + cookies and cream, and smores. We got back a little late and tried to go to dinner, but ALL the restaurants were closed. All of them. At 8 pm. On a Friday night! Seriously! What kind of resort town is this?! So then we were starving and had to wait 45 minutes for the Chinese food we ordered to be delivered and it was be 9:30pm before I got any food and I was seriously cranky. And after the food finally came, I was sick to my stomach. But to be fair, I wasn't feeling well before the Chinese food. I think it was the licorice ice cream. So not a good day after all, at least until Husband Skyped me and then missed me so much, he Skyped again. Then I felt better.

I probably feel better than the Swedish ambassador to Belarus who just got kicked out of that country. For those of you not familiar with this story, here is a picture of the reason the ambassador was asked to leave:

Yes, according to Belarus, teddy bears are evil. A couple of well-meaning Swedes dropped a hundred or so stuffed teddies with pro-democracy messages out of an airplane that didn't exactly have permission to be in Belarussian airspace. So for this crime of moral turpitude, the Swedish ambassador has to leave Minsk. But come to think of it, any time you have to leave Minsk is a good time, so maybe his day wasn't so bad after all.

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