Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bad Day 29--Good friends, great food, good day, but still bad

Today wasn't bad. It was pretty good in fact, and if it weren't for the whole Afghanistan thing, it would have been great. A woman today whom I really admire and want to be like told me I was remarkably calm. That made me happy, but to be fair, she hasn't seen the sobbing, so she doesn't have the whole picture.

Then my friends invited me over to dinner and cooked great food and entertained me with stories and their kids sat in my lap and hugged me and told me my earrings were pretty. So that was great, too. The problem is, there is this whole undercurrent of loss and longing and stress and fear. It keeps me from completely letting go and enjoying myself. But it's getting better, so maybe at some point I will get used to the whole separation thing. but in a way, that thought makes me sad because then Husband being in Afghanistan will just be normal and I don't want this to be normal. I want it to be temporary.

But anyway, I had great food tonight and I didn't have to buy or cook it and it was especially welcome because when I came home today, the electricity was out. This should not be a big deal, you are thinking, especially for someone who has lived in China and Korea where the electricity went out all the time. Once in Korea, it went out for 4 days in a row after a typhoon dropped a 50 ft. tree on our house. and we moved into a hotel until it came back on. But that was before last month and the Great Derecho. For those of you who don't know, a derecho is a storm that moves fast, like a hurricane but starts on land and knocks down all the trees in its path and if you live in Tree City, USA, then it also knocks down all the power lines and you have no power and you can't buy gasoline and you can't drive to New York which is what you were planning to do until all the trees fell down and trapped you. And so now, the power going out makes me panic a little bit, but fortunately, it was on when I came home from dinner with my friends.

There are all kinds of things you can do without electricity. You can grill in the backyard. You can play games by candlelight. You can have a dinner that is entirely made of meat from your freezer, and frozen fruit. Your children can light every candle in the house and then you can yell at them that 20 candles on the floor is a fire hazard and do they want to kill you all? These things are fun to do for approximately 6 hours, and then the whining starts. And when it is 105 outside BEFORE the heat index and you have no air-conditioning and you are all stuck in the same room of the house trying to keep cool and wishing you were in New York, then they are fun for about 10 minutes. So you can see why not having electricity when I came home was disconcerting and plus, how would I Skype with Husband without electricity. I felt like calling the power company and saying that they had better fix my power pretty quick or I would ship them all to Afghanistan, but I didn't. I was polite and they delivered. For once.

Randy Travis is having a worse day than me and I am very angry with him for it. He had one of the best voices in country music ever and his version of King of the Road is one of my favorites. But he decided to drive drunk and naked in Texas and he got caught. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I have no patience with drunk drivers so a big raspberry to you, Randy! May everyone look at your mug shot and be glad they aren't that stupid.

This photo provided by the Grayson County, Texas, Sheriff’s Office shows Country singer Randy Travis who has been charged with driving while intoxicated. Authorities say Travis was being jailed without bond Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012, pending an appearance before a judge in Sherman, Texas, about 60 miles north of Dallas. (AP Photo/Grayson County Sheriff's Office)

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