Friday, August 24, 2012

Bad Day 45--I thneed nothing

Tonight we went to see The Lorax. Our town has a theater in the park in the summer and they show a movie on a big screen in the park for free. The weather was great, and the girls wanted to spend time with Husband, so we all trotted off to the park with lawn chairs and watched what has to be the worst adaptation of a Dr. Seuss movie ever. Husband, of course, slept through the whole thing, so he got out of the worst of it. But I am really, really mad.

You see, I love the book. Love it. I think it's responsible for my passion about nature and global warming. (Yes. It exists. Do not write me about all your irresponsible unscientific views on the matter because I simply won't publish them.) I'm not rabid about it, but we recycled before anyone recycled and we have re-useable grocery bags, and we always plant flowers and trees wherever we can and we turn off our lights. At least I do. And so does Husband. The children, however, leave them on all the time and the TV! Drives me crazy. But anyway, the book is beautiful and poignant, and an excellent lesson about the unintended consequences of unchecked greed. And the movie is just drivel. It's trite, and has bad dialogue and one-dimensional characters. So I'm sorry, children. I hated the movie and we will not be getting it on DVD. Read the book. We own it. I know you tried to donate it to charity several times, but I rescued it. Believe me, the book is almost always better. (Except for The Princess Bride. That movie was much better. Because you can't see Wesley in the book.)

Speaking of royalty, Prince Harry is having a worse day than me. I am certain his family is not happy with him and you all know the reason why. If I were his grandmother, I would be mortified. Royal Princes are not supposed to act like they are in The Hangover 5 or whatever number they are on and obviously what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas if your brother is going to be the King of England. So Harry, use this reality check to gain some self respect, and thank you for the reminder that I never have to worry about going on a drunken binge and ending up naked in someone's cell phone because I don't let people take pictures of me. See, vanity can be a good thing!

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