Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bad Day 35--8.5 hours!

If I actually ever slept for 8 hours straight, I could go to bed right now and when I woke up, it would be time to pick up Husband. Frankly, I can hardly wait. I have been excited all day. Christmas Eve at age 5 excited. Kid in a candy store with 5 whole dollars to spend excited. 12 year old with a season pass to Six Flags excited. I thought for certain this would be a day that I could get through without crying because even though Husband didn't call me, it was because he was on an airplane coming to see me!

And then I came home and saw them. Flowers. Gorgeous lilies, roses, and snap dragons. Husband had sent them ahead with a note that made me sob because it was perfect and I miss him so much and now I am carrying that note around in my wallet like teenagers used to do with notes that the guy they liked had passed them with the question, "Do you like me?" and he checked the box that said maybe. And so that is why I cried.

The rest of the day wasn't bad except for the children who didn't do chores all day (why am I surprised at this?) even though I called them and talked to them all individually and they all swore they would do what I asked. So I'm making them stay up and it is 10pm and they are cleaning their rooms and they won't be done before midnight and I don't care because they had better finish before Husband arrives in the morning.

The best thing about today, aside from being the day before Husband Day, is that we did manage to come up with a way to get our neighbor to stop stealing our garbage cans. Yes, our neighbor who throws the loud parties on holidays and always parks right in front of our front door even when the space in front of hers is empty--that neighbor has been taking my garbage cans! Our city issued everyone the same cans and recycling bins and you write your house number on them. We have to put them all together down the street at the corner, and all the time I come home and mine are missing. Twice I have found them in the annoying neighbor's garage which she always leaves open, so I swap out the correct ones without saying anything to her. I've been meaning to go to Home Depot and buy those big reflective numbers so she can't miss them, but as you know I have so much free time that I spend it all in the spa instead. (I so wish!) But Child 2 had the brilliant idea to mark them with the Hello Kitty duct tape that my friend "Guido" gave me as a housewarming gift. Perfect! If annoying neighbor misses the hot pink tape with Hello Kitty all over it, then I don't know what I'll do. (Thanks, Guido, for the tape!)

This family in New Hampshire definitely had a worse day than me. Their house caught on fire because they had a battery in their junk drawer. Yes, a battery--9 volt to be exact.

 Now years ago, I learned that you can use a 9 volt and steel wool to start a campfire, but I had never thought that if you stick one in a junk drawer with your mail key or some paper clips you are asking for trouble. So thank you, New Hampshire family. I'm sorry your house caught on fire, but I'm happy to be reminded to clean out my drawer. Now everyone, go check yours, too, and separate those batteries!

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