Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bad Day 119--But it's already pouring!

Our furnace broke and I got a nasty cold so I had to take yet another sick day. I don't want to think about what else could go wrong because I'm afraid to tempt fate, but honestly, what's next? Boils? The water in our faucets turning to blood? I'm feeling a little biblically cursed and wondering what exactly God wants me to do to just make it stop already!

But thankfully, I have a friend whom I knew would know a furnace guy ("Lisa" of the yummy chicken soup) so I called her and of course she did, and I called them and used her husband's name and they came right away and fixed the furnace which was broken because we have never changed the filter. Apparently you are supposed to change it monthly, although I don't think I ever changed it quite that often years ago when we owned a house before. But I blame it all on Husband because I meant to ask him before he left how to change the filter but I forgot and shouldn't that have been one of the things on his checklist? Along with, you know, making sure the toilets don't all break while he's away? Yes, I know, it's not his fault, but he is not here to defend himself so he is just going to have to take the blame unless he can somehow throw it back on the DMV or the British fashion industry--my arch enemies. I mean, wouldn't you consider someone who would do this to your feet an enemy?

Although my deepest wish is to just crawl into bed and sleep forever, I have to go to the airport tonight to pick up Niece 1 who is coming to visit. We haven't seen her for several years, and she has never been to DC, so we are very excited. The children are so happy she is coming that they actually cleaned the house! OK, really it was mostly Child 1 and Child 2 took out the trash, but still! Child 3 on the other hand is actively avoiding all chores in favor of not doing her homework, so I have locked out the Disney Channel. I'm not sure it's working, though, because I think she is just watching TLC instead. Sigh. She has 6 late worksheets and had all day to do them because today there is no school, but she's only finished 2. Trying to get her to complete the homework just might kill me.

Speaking of things that might kill you, voting made this man in Michigan have a worse day than me. He actually died while filling out his ballot, was revived, and then finished filling it out. I am glad he was OK, but boy was voting important to him! I went to the polls in all my glorious illness today and cast my ballot, but I'm not sure that I would still do it if I died in the process and had to be given CPR. So thank you, Mr. Patriot, for reminding me that voting is a responsibility and a privilege and I hope your candidate wins.


  1. Stop laughing at my shoes or I'll sic Child 3 on you.

    Lady Gaga

  2. And travel safely and have a wonderful reunion.