Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bad Day 126--Child 1's Attempt at Humor

Today I, Child 1, am attempting to fill my mother's place as the author of "365 Bad Days".

I have absolutely no idea what to write about so here goes nothing.

This past week our oldest cousin of my mother's side is in town and staying with us while my parents are frolicking down the beaches of Greece together like a less intense intro to Baywatch.

However, we've decided that while they're soaking up the sun (reflecting it, hopefully) we're having our own version of fun. This includes watching Psych, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, and Breaking Amish like there's no tomorrow. Okay not really, but it passes the time by after we finish homework and don't want to go to bed. Tomorrow I'm dragging "Niece 1" to Mt. Vernon to receive extra credit for my IB US history class. I expect to find a secret entrance of some sort and will be looking in every nook and cranny for a clue to finding a national treasure. Can you tell I'm using as much time as I can with "Niece 1" to soak up all the possible knowledge I can gain from DC and other historical resources for my history class? (It's that bad)

So since my mom always complains about everything in her blog posts, I have something very irritating to talk about. About two weeks ago my photography teacher assigned us to complete a roll of film with pictures of "lines" as in like "Oh, there's a fence, it has lots of lines, I think I'll take a picture of it". So I got as creative as possible and even dragged Child 3 out into Hurricane Sandy to get my last 15 shots or so in order to finish my roll of film. When we developed the film however, most of my shots were "over exposed" (for those of you who aren't as photog savvy as I, it means I left the shutter open too long and let too much light into my lense) and now I'm stuck using the lamer pictures I took (photos of trees) for my project. Great. How creative right? Well maybe that's my weekly lesson. Never ignore your aperture settings...

As for the daily comparison of those having a worse day than us:
This entire neighborhood takes the gold.
In the middle of the night the house pictured above just went kablooey all over the place. Police haven't been able to trace a source of the explosion. My thoughts go out to the families effected by this tragedy.

This has been Child 1 with "365 Bad Days", and with that I say: Top that, Child 2.


  1. Excellent writing, Child 1. From your very silly aunt who STILL hasn't written a script for you and Children 2 & 3. You'll want to wait to film until Spring, anyway, because otherwise you'd have to film inside an Outback Steakhouse instead of just in the parking lot. ;-)

  2. Evil Aunti Artemis gives Child 1's entry a 9.87 out of a possible 10.

    Extra points were gained from the similarities of our inadvertant adventures in appropriate aperture, the introduction of dialogue, and bang-up finish ending. complete with a challenge.

    Points were lost from the assumption that parents on a beach in Greece are necessarily less intense than Baywatch. Never underestimate a redhead is always the safest rule to follow.

    The Judges now await the next entry.

    Artemis the Judge

  3. Smart move, Child 1. If you are trying to soak up knowledge of US history, Niece 1 is a fountain of knowledge. Is it silly that I've been excited to see her mentioned in the blog?

    Niece 2

    1. Thanks, I try to use the best resources available.
      Just kidding! I also did it to spend time with her:)