Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bad Day 129--Only connect!

So I'm back on land where they have internet and I have already heard from several people about the missing post, including, through the grapevine, Sister 1 who insists that I must make it up. So tomorrow I will blog twice because tonight I am very, very tired having just flown eight hours across the Atlantic to return to the Children and fabulous Niece 1 who made me gluten-free cupcakes as a welcome home! We will totally have to borrow her more often.

The flight wasn't bad. It was very smooth and I sat next to a delightful 80 year old lady from Maryland who had been on the cruise with us and she was so funny that it made a very long flight seem much shorter. And the food was way better on the way home and I actually ate the whole dinner! And there wasn't a rice cake in sight.

So, except for the sobbing when I had to leave Husband to go to the airport, which was only partly me this time, it was a pretty good day. The children are all alive. We drank some homemade butter beer, and The Dog is beside herself with giddiness that I am back. I even missed her a little, but only a little. And not the walking in the freezing cold morning part. Or the barking. Or the jumping on me. But the lying on a cushion in my room and sleeping part is nice and I missed that a little.

I loved the guest blogs. They were excellent examples of how smart and funny my children are. And Child 3, absolutely no way on this earth ever to the acting contract, and we hear from Niece 1 that there is a national helium shortage, but we'll see on the warning siren. Do they make ones that won't go off in the house?

These brown pelicans are having a worse day than me.

There they were, minding their own business in North Carolina when Hurricane Sandy blew through and took them all the way to Rhode Island which is very far if you you have to fly there by flapping your wings. So some kind rescuers are going to fly them in a plane down to Florida where they can enjoy a nice long rest.

Speaking of rest, the jet-lag is killing me so I will sign off. Extra post tomorrow.

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