Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bad Day 134--Bad good news

So the good news is that I don't have celiac disease which means that I can make my delicious cream cheese and tarragon stuffing with regular bread and I don't have to make my own pie crusts, which I hate making because pie crusts are hard to make well but easy to make hard.

The bad news is that celiac was one of the better options and now I still don't know what is making me sick and my next test is a month away which means a whole month where every day I google my symptoms and conclude that I have toxic shock syndrome. OK, that was Child 3 that thought she was in toxic shock. But I have spent a lot of time looking up my symptoms on various medical websites and I am completely freaked out because none of the alternatives are good ones. (And confidential to Sunny who reads this blog, thanks for the tip about symptoms. That's what my next test is for.) This is why I miss Husband, OK, one of the reasons why I miss Husband because it's his job to help me not freak out.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am determined to make it as normal as possible, but I need help, so Artemis came over to help me cook and chop. Tomorrow, since her husband Adonis has to work, she is going to come over and help us eat it because I will be able to eat about the same amount as a sick toddler, so we can expect a lot of leftovers. Children, I hope you can make up the slack because without me and your dad, we'll be serving Turkey for the next six weeks unless you all man up and eat like you've never eaten before. (Yes, Child 2, I realize you're not a man. It's just an expression!)

Fiona Apple fans are having a worse day than me.

She was supposed to be starting a tour in South America, but she canceled the tour because her dog is sick and she doesn't want to leave her. Obviously, she loves her dog very much because she wrote a four page letter about it and posted it on facebook. So thank you, Ms. Apple, for reminding me to be grateful that I didn't buy tickets to your concert. If The Dog ever gets sick, you can bet that I would not cancel my concert tour, not that anyone would ever pay to hear me sing. I hope you find a way to repay all those disappointed fans.


  1. I hope they find out what it is soon and that there is an easy solution. Hugs! And Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I will pay to hear you sing, Dear.

    (Just not much).

    Love ya and see you later today,