Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bad Day 127 - Child 2's Awesome Day

Honestly, I'd say today was fairly awesome.  It wasn't amazingly over the top awesome, but it wasn't completely dry and bland either.  It all started when I ended up doing pretty well on my English project in school by not freaking out in front of the class and presenting it well.  Then, it picked up again when my friend and I had fun towards the end of Science by working out a crazy variation of our handshake we share between our small circle of friends.  And finally, the awesomeness continued on even more when we all got to have pizza for dinner and watch the 4th Harry Potter movie, I finished most of my homework,  and afterwards I got to go to a youth group activity where I got to hang out with my friends,  make a totally awesome t-shirt which I got to paint my own design on, and we all got donuts afterwards.

I can't really think of anything else to write, and I can't even think of anything to complain about either, but one thing I know for a fact is that this woman in Denver is having a worse day than us.  She tried to get out of jury duty by claiming that she had PTSD, and then bragged about it on a radio show months later, which the judge who she told that she was ill happened to be listening to.  So thank you, jury dodger lady, for allowing me to be grateful that I won't try to get out of performing a civic duty once I'm old enough to perform it, or ever attempt to fake having a serious life-threatening mental illness.


  1. Yea for not freaking out!!!!! I'm high-fiving you from states away, but with no crazy variations (unless accidentally missing counts). Love to my Niece 4 from your mother's Sister 2

  2. And we have a tie! 9.87 points out of a possible 10!

    You gained points for the superlative presentation. Former Teacher Artemis is forced, however, to deduct points for any crazy handshakes in Science Class that were not taught to the teacher as well. (After all, who needs crazy handshakes more?) You lost further points for watching Potter 4, which has a really sad ending that made me cry, but more than made up for it with the points gained for T-shirt painting and a great choice of worst day. (Let's face it. Judges like anything that makes them look smart.)

    So, come on Child 3. The pressure is on!

    Artemis the Judge

  3. As an aspiring mental health professional, thank you for not faking symptoms.

    Niece 2