Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bad Day 124--I'm cheating.

So I figured out that I can compose on the app on my phone offline and then upload after I connect to the internet. So I think I can blog for less than $1/day which its way more affordable than the $20 I thought it was going to cost me. Child 1 should still feel free to guest guest blog, though because I was kind of looking forward to that.

Today we went to some city in Italy that starts with a p that I can never remember because I can't pronounce it. But it is on the cliffs of Volare which I totally can remember because we had a Plymouth Volare station wagon when I was little and my Dad sang that song every time we went for a drive in that car. The city its an old, Medieval town carved out of white stone and was spectacular. It was so beautiful that Husband ignored me the whole time because he was taking pictures with his fancy camera that he made me lug over from the US. Then he ate pizza in front of me which I can't eat because of the gluten. If I don't have Celiac, I'm going to be really mad that I didn't get to eat pizza in Italy. Or pasta. Although I did have both risotto and gelato again today. Here, they put whipped cream on top of the gelato which was delicious.

Tomorrow is Greece. I'm very excited for the olives which are glutenless.

Today, the Russian lady on the cruise who insisted on wearing her gold lame (pronounced lamay but my phone can't handle accents) puffy coat in 70 degree weather is definitely having a worse day than me. I put on sunscreen and I still got a little pink. She was sweltering and looked really dumb.


  1. I don't know. I'd say "lame" (sans accent) is a perfectly accurate term for that fashion statement.


  2. Its just occured to me that these are the same digestive symptoms a relative had that later found out she had colon cancer. Get checked out soon if things don't resolve.