Friday, November 9, 2012

Bad Day 122--It really happened!

I'm actually here in Venice with Husband and and I kind of can't believe it. We've been planning this for months and I always thought something was going to wreck it, but now I'm in the same room with Husband and I can touch him and he's real.

We had dinner at a very romantic restaurant and he bought me flowers and I ate too much rissotto which was delicious and had no gluten. Venice is as lovely as you can imagine and I can now check a gondola ride off my bucket list.

Tomorrow, we leave on a cruise for the Greek Isles. I hope the food on board will be better than the gluten free airline food which I have to day was awful. Breakfast was a rice cake and applesauce. See what I mean about how easy it will be to lose weight? I couldn't choke down the rice cake even when I tried dipping it in the applesauce. Everyone else eating their eggs and croissants was laughing at me.

I'm still blogging on my phone, and I can't figure out how to link, but David Petraeus is having a worse day than me. You would think the CIA director would be smarter than John Edwards and stay away from his biographer but apparently not. So thank you, General, for illustrating just how great my marriage is. I feel bad for your wife.

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  1. Hurray and God bless you both. Please give my love to Husband and the gelato.


    p.s. My psychic powers say Child 3's painted nails are magnificent.