Monday, August 6, 2012

Bad Day 27--One of Those Days

So today was a really bad day, but not because of Afghanistan, so I suppose it was an improvement. It started bad from the beginning, starting with that I got up on time and I didn't even have to walk the dog and I was still late! Only 5 minutes, which meant I was only 15 minutes early, but that would have been OK. It would have been, if it hadn't been for the rest of the day which went down hill from there.

Next, I got to the metro station and it was crowded, and I was early and it is never crowded when I'm early. Which meant that the trains were running late, and they were. I didn't get on the first train that came, because people shoved me out of the way. I managed to squeeze on to the second, but it was also crowded. No, that's not descriptive enough. It was China crowded. So crowded that if I had been standing any closer to the guy next to me, I would have been behind him. then a few stations down, even more people got on and the doors broke and the train wouldn't move and we all had to get off.

Two more trains went by before I could get on one. Then I finally squeezed on one and it smelled. I mean a really noxious sickening burnt rubber kind of smell. We went a stop and a half and then I started thinking, what if I passed out from the smell? And then I didn't because another man actually did and he was unconscious and greenish and a very pregnant doctor in scrubs had to get up and help him and people were calling 911 and then the train stopped at the station and I ran off. And then the ambulance came. And I'm pretty certain that guy had a worse day than me, even though he made me late for work. (Yes, actually late, not just not early. ) Although I am thankful that I wasn't the one who fainted.

And then at work, I ran into one of those girls. You know, the young ones who believed their parents when they told them they were the smartest children ever and no one would ever be as good as them. Those girls. And she is pretty, which makes it so much worse because then she only knows how to get things from men, and ahem, cough,  35 year old women who aren't impressed with her leave her non-plussed. So she tries to manipulate you and when you refuse to be manipulated, she gets snippy. Well, snip away, sweetie, because there is nothing you can dish out that I can't serve right back to you. I. Don't. Work. For you. Hmph!

And then I ate something at lunch that wasn't chocolate, but still made me sick. And then I had to pick up The Dog, and now I have to walk her. Ugh. So it was one of those days. If my husband were not in Afghanistan, I would cry on his shoulder and he would give me a foot rub. But he is in Afghanistan so I will just watch TV until my eyeballs fall out.

But this picture made me smile and I hope that tomorrow is a better day, and frankly it was nice to be annoyed by things that had nothing to do with Afghanistan. And isn't that little girl the cutest?

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  1. And suddenly, the tears of yesterday will transform to smiles in two weeks!
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