Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bad Day 37--Buying for the famine

It might be possible that in the past, on occasion, I may have overbought things. Husband is laughing because that might be understatement of the year, if not the decade. OK, I really overbought things all the time up to the point of ridiculousness at times. Now, I am not one of those hoarder people that you see on TV where they can't move around their house because of all the stuff and the bugs and vermin there give you the willies. I am definitely NOT a hoarder, but I sometimes buy too much of a thing because I am afraid of running out. But seriously, wouldn't you rather have too many rolls of toilet paper than not enough?

Here is a list of things I may have overbought in the past: salami (because I am the only one who eats it and a half pound of salami is probably way more than one person should eat and it goes bad pretty quickly), black T-shirts (my sister once asked me if I was buying black Ts to outlast a famine), purses (yes, I know I have too many, but the pewter commuting purse is still perfect!), Christmas ornaments (because they are pretty.) I may have also overbought shoes, but I don't think so because I can actually wear all of mine in a month or two and I am in no danger of becoming Imelda Marcos. Plus, shoes make me happy. Following is a picture of Imelda's shoe closet. NOT mine. I only own one pair of pink shoes and they are flip-flops.

But what I really over-bought in the past is food. I am always afraid of not having enough to eat, and also I like to cook and try new things and I am the worst kind of impulse buyer, so much so that grocery stores cheer when they see me coming because they know I will buy a ton of things not on my list. However, a couple of events changed this habit. First, we had that stupid derecho in July which in addition to almost ruining our trip to New York destroyed two refrigerators' worth of food, and second, that whole Husband in Afghanistan thing. Since he left, I haven't had time to go grocery shopping and for quite a while there were only two of us in the house and we could get by on turkey sandwiches and apple juice. So tonight when husband asked me what we had in the refrigerator to make for dinner, I looked and we had frozen eggplant Parmesan and some Greek yogurt. There was also some raspberry syrup and ginger ale which would make for a fun drink, but probably not dinner for 5 hungry people.

So we went grocery shopping at the warehouse store. I love warehouse stores and in the past, they would be my downfall. (You can buy socks in bulk! And also winter coats!) But I am determined to mend my ways, so we only bought enough for dinner for the in-laws tomorrow, and some soup. I have enough tomato soup to feed an army and a block of Feta the size of a dictionary, but I did not buy anything I'm not going to use. However if there is anyone in the Western Hemisphere who needs a cup or two of capers, come on by! I have enough to share with a dozen or so of you.

Today, this Hungarian politician is having a worse day than me and it is his own darn fault! See, this is what you get when you run your campaign on being racist. It is the perfect example of kharma and great reminder that we are all the same and no one is better than anyone else. So thank you, Mr.Szegedi, for reminding me to be kind to everyone and that racism is just stupid.


  1. I need a cup of capers! I can't find them at our local commissary and unlike the rest of America, I don't have too many other options in this town. ;) k.

  2. Drive on over! That's a long way to go for capers, though. ;)

  3. You haven't bought enough shoes, Dear. Trust me on this.


  4. sigh, I am sure there are probably "some" capers between here and there. I am glad you are enjoying your time with Husband. k.