Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bad Day 46--Wait, wait! Change the station!

We went to Ikea today, which is always a major undertaking even though we have the layout pretty much memorized. But it's a HUGE store and I actually got lost for a little bit. But I can always find my way to the food. Don't tell my Norwegian friends this, but Swedish food and Norwegian food are very similar, so we always buy lots of food when we go to Ikea.  Aside from that, we also bought a dresser for Child 1 because she is tired of holding her breath every time she opens a drawer to see if the whole thing is going to fall apart. But now we have to put it together since we can't pay $2 extra and have someone deliver it to our house and assemble it like we did in China--something else for Husband's honey-do list which is growing longer and longer while time is getting shorter and shorter. But I'll think about that tomorrow. This is the new dresser.

The thing about Ikea is that it is not very close and the children get bored on the drive and they start complaining. Four of us like to listen to music on the ride, and one of us likes to listen to boring news programs. OK, not all of them are boring. The children actually enjoy Car Talk, and Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me is really funny at times, but the children don't appreciate some of the longer, shall we say, more detailed news programs and as soon as we got in the car, the yelling started because Husband couldn't take the whining for more than 5 seconds. I guess he got spoiled in Afghanistan where there wasn't anyone to say why do we have to listen to this, can't you change the station, do you even care about this news story, NPR is killing me!! To be fair, Husband didn't actually yell and he took it in stride and I told the children that in a few more days they could have the radio all to themselves again, and then they were sad and very quiet. That may have been overkill on my part.

Now we are watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan because Child 1 had been watching the original series on Netflix and we need to introduce her to the good movies. But she is complaining that Lt. Saavik's eyebrows are all wrong to be a Vulcan. I couldn't be prouder.

Speaking of Norway, someone there is having a worse day than me. An employee at a gallery that bought a Rembrandt decided to save money by sending it through the mail! And of course, now it's missing. So thank you, Norwegian gallery employee, for reminding  me that I should never trust a priceless etching to the mail, should I ever be lucky enough to own one.

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  1. Whatever is #1 going to do when she meets the new-and-allegedly-improved Klingons??? Not to mention the big-shouldered Romulans?