Monday, August 27, 2012

Bad Day 48--Shop 'Til Husband Drops

We dragged Husband to the mall today. He was a really good sport about it, even though he wouldn't change the radio from NPR despite the pleading from the back seat. And stores have learned. Old Navy has lots of benches for the non-shoppers to sit on while their family members run around saying, oh isn't that cute, and look at this, and what do you think about mustard as a color?

Two of the children have inherited the shopping gene, and the other, well, let's just say that even though her school does not have uniforms, she insists on sticking to one and I could not get her to agree to any color of jeans other than denim blue. Not gray or even navy would tempt her. I did force her to buy a couple of "normal" jeans, but even though she would look fabulous in super skinny ones, she won't wear them. So she and Husband sat on the benches chatting while the other two children tried on every pair of pants in the store.  And then I think we bought most of them. I bought a shirt, without trying it on of course, but this time I have learned. 1. I won't rip off the tags before I try it on. And 2. It is not British. These are the jeans she won't wear. If I had her legs, I would have them in every color, but no. She will only wear denim blue.

The other thing I did today was to have a very uncomfortable medical procedure--one that I am very glad to have been in the US to have done. I have learned from sad experience that some doctors overseas are there because the malpractice rates are much lower, and even though they may be Western trained, they are not up to Western standards. So when it involves very large needles, I'm glad I was here and not in a the city where they told me that my broken ankle wasn't broken (it was) and that I had cancer when I didn't.

Everyone at this Tennessee high school football game had a worse day than me. I attended a lot of high school football games in my day, and some of them stunk, but that was because we had the worst team in the district--not because a skunk interrupted the game. 

We did used to come across skunks early in the morning while my sister was driving me to church in her convertible Volkswagen Thing. It was always a real adventure driving around in the Thing, but never so much as when we'd come upon a dead skunk in the road. You can't get away from the smell in an old convertible. So thank you Booneville Blue Devils, for reminding me of those fun rides with my sister and for making me grateful that all I can smell now is my lovely vanilla candle.

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