Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bad Day 128-- Mom, I Stole Your Blog!- Child 3

Hey, Child 3 here!
So, I just finished my homework, and now I'm watching a movie.
And today I got another free shirt for track.

I'm really mad at my mom for not taking me on the cruise.
Now I'm running out of ideas, so I'll just make a list of odd
things I want for christmas....

- An indestructible turtle
- A fish that doesn't die
- A bunch of play-dough
- A stunt barbie
(Not that I like barbies)
- An easy bake oven
- Anything that is sparkly
- A snowball maker from Justice
- A hot tub
- A pie (with whip cream)
- Balloons (enough to fly)
- Helium (enough to fly)
- A bouncy house
- A trampoline
- A warning siren
- An acting contract

See? A list of ODD things I want for christmas!

Everyone at the veterans day parade in midtown texas is having a worse day than us.
Because there was a deadly train crash at the same time it was going on.


  1. Sorry, Child 1 and 2, but this would have been the hands-down winner. How could anything compete with an indestructible turtle, fish that won't die, and a hot tub pie bouncy house with whipped cream?

    Except, of course, that I'm allergic to Justice and sparklies and *really* concerned about what Dog might do once she got ahold of the warning siren, so I guess it's a 3-way tie after all...

    My compliments to the fabulous guest bloggers 1,2, and 3. You rock! (and yeah, I miss your Mom, too.)

    Auntie Artemis

  2. Child 3, if you coat a turtle's shell with admantium, will that make it indestructible? Otherwise, any living turtle is destructible. And now your siblings can give you small pebbles with glitter glued onto them and have that fit your gift list. Careful what you wish for! ;-)

    Your very giggly aunt

  3. Child 3 is creative..
    p.s. she is my best frand