Friday, June 7, 2013

Bad Day 332--7 birthdays missed

It started last year when I went TDY on my birthday. (TDY is government speak for a short official trip.) Then Husband was TDY on Child 1's. Then I was TDY (my last for over a year) on his. Then he was in Afghanistan and he missed Child 3's (the epic failure because of illness and lice) and then mine and Child 1's and now his. The only birthday we have all been present for in 18 months is Child 2's because she has the good fortune of being born in between Christmas and New Year's. Normally, that is a bad thing, because she gets all her presents for the whole year in the same week, but it also means that she never has to go to school on her birthday and that Husband was home for only hers--a fact that infuriates Child 1 to no end.

Thank you to everyone who sent me encouraging notes yesterday. It helps more than you know. Today was much better. I was in training most of the time, and when the mean yeller called, I recognized the number on caller id and just ignored it--5 times. Seriously, Old Yeller, just send an e-mail because I'm not talking to you ever again. On another good note, my future boss's boss came to my training today and gave me a shout-out and welcomed me to my new bureau. I swear the people in that bureau are the nicest. 5 more weeks and then I will never ever have to deal with Old Yeller ever again.

The rest of the day was good, too. I finally figured out what I can eat at Cafe Rio that won't make me sick. The good thing is that it's pulled chicken nachos without beans. The bad thing is that every time you order nachos, the employees start singing "Nacho, nacho man." I feel so, so sorry for them. The woman who took my order looked so defeated when I told her I wanted nachos. She almost whispered it. But they are delicious and gluten-free, so I will just have to put up with the singing. The chips are the only thing cooked in the oil so there is no cross-contamination and I really missed the Southwestern Limeade. I feel like I'm finally figuring this whole thing out, although having said that I will probably eat the wrong thing tomorrow and be sick all day. But at least I'm not today.

Any woman wearing these pants is having a worse day than me.

GARETH PUGH Black silk Flared Train Runway Trousers

Because. . . oh I don't even know where to start. The description says they are "slim fitting". No kidding? Sprayed on is more like it. Was it always the intention of the designer to make women's legs look like witches' hats? See, I swear there are designers who hate women, and this is one of them. Also, these pants will set you back $2500. Yep. I agree. That's a lot of money for a couple of witches' hats. I'd rather by a ticket to Bali which you could probably get for less. Or one home from Afghanistan.


  1. Artemis the researcher found:

    Los Angeles to Denpasar Bali $1,083
    San Francisco to Denpasar Bali $1,607
    New York City to Denpasar Bali $1,055

    In short, you could not only go to Bali but treat me (once you factor in the tax on the purchase of the pants).

    Let me know when me leave.

    Your SIster of the Traveling Pants

    1. I can not express how much I love this comment. ;) k. (I wish I knew Artemis too.)

    2. K., you would love her. Come to DC and we can all hang out and talk sewing/knitting/traveling. But I'm not ever wearing those pants.