Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bad Day 339--Waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse

No, Child 2, there is no such thing as the Zombie Apocalypse, but Child 1 and I are watching Warm Bodies and there are zombies in it. It seems pretty funny, but zombies are gross. I'm not sure zombie movies are for me.

Tonight, the house is full of girls because Child 3 is having an under-the-sea sleepover. She decorated the house to look like the ocean floor and they watched Aquamarine which is that cute movie about mermaids. We also roasted marshmallows and Starbursts, which is apparently a thing. They taste just like warm Starbursts but warm Starbursts are pretty yummy.

And then I found out that Child 1 really loves me because she saved me from the chocolate. You see, the girls asked me to open the chocolate for the s'mores and I broke off a piece to give to one of them, but it was too big, so I broke it in half, which was a mistake because then I could smell it, so I licked it. And then Child 1 said no, you always get sick, every time! and held out her hand, so I gave her the chocolate. But here is the thing, it had almonds in it, and Child 1 hates almonds, but she ate it anyway so I wouldn't. Because she loves me, and hey, the almonds did have chocolate around them.

People keep telling me that it's so great that Husband is almost home, but I'm still sad and lonely and tired. And he's still not here. I suppose if I were a glass half full kind of girl, maybe it wouldn't bother me. But I'm not, and it does and he's still not here. One month left. I can survive one month--if the zombies don't get me first. (Seriously, Child 2, there are no such thing as zombies. Calm down!)

The daughter of the father in this video is having a worse day than me. OK, I'm not sure if he really actually has a daughter because he is a comedian and this is one of the characters he plays called "The Dad Who Makes Everything Worse," but it is really funny trying to imagine how horrible it would be to have a father who invites you to listen to Rush in the rumpus room with him, or offers you a boy's bathing suit to wear on vacation when your luggage is lost. But then again, at least he is trying. So thank you, Dad who makes everything worse, for reminding me that it is OK to laugh at parental mistakes, and in fact, sometimes having the children laugh at me is the best way to know what not to do again. The eyerolls are also a good clue.

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  1. No, it's NOT great that Husband is always home. I hated the last weeks the most and I know several other wives who would say the same. It **will** be great when Husband has been back a while and everybody gets reused to each other and this all is history. But until then, the glass ain't full and that's all there is to it.

    Just know that you'll be loved throughout it all and that nothing will change that.