Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bad Day 342--Wait, what did I agree to again?

Now I remember why I don't usually let the children have parties on work night because when they are staying up late, so am I and they don't have to get up the next day, but I do. Still, I got a really clean house out of it and they cleaned up after. All I had to do was provide the pizza and drive a couple of kids home, so not a bad trade off. But ask me again at 5:45 am and see how excited I am to be up so late tonight.

The funny thing is, my whole life I have been a night owl. Before someone else paid me to get up and go to work, there were years, years that I did not wake up before 9:30 am. I miss those years because I really don't like getting up early and 5:45 use to be not long after I went to bed, so the fact that I get up that early is just torture--for me and everyone else who has to deal with me when I'm sleepy. I am not a wake up cheerful and greet the day kind of gal. That would be Child 2 and Child 3 who both always woke up smiling. There is a reason we used to call Child 3 "Happy, happy, joy, joy." She was a joyful baby. Really, all three were, it's just that Child 1 was happy when she woke up around 10 am, and I was, too. See Curly singing that song? Not a sunrise in sight. It is bright outside which means it is not 5:45 am. Beautiful mornings do not begin in the dark.

Another good thing about today is that I ate Afghan food for the first time and it was delicious and there was no goat, nor did I have to sit on a rug or eat with my hands. So if Husband is missing Afghan cuisine when he returns, I'm game. We had a pumpkin dish that was to die for and lamb with apples that really was superb and the rice! I never knew there were so many delicious flavors of rice. I definitely need to go back to that restaurant, so thank you, my friends, for taking me there.

People who go swimming in freshwater lakes in Florida are having a worse day than me because they are in danger of getting their brains eaten by amoebas.

Yes, brain-eating amoebas are a real thing and they will kill you. In the 50 years since they were discovered, only one person has survived. And apparently this will be a bad year for them in Florida because of heat and drought. If you do swim in an Florida lake, you are supposed to wear nose plugs and not put your head under water and not kick up a lot of mud, which completely takes all the fun out of swimming in a lake. So thank you, Florida health officials for giving me something else to freak out about. No lakes this summer, girls. Only chlorinated pools and the ocean--both of which are more fun anyway and not full of things wanting to eat your brains. There are sharks, but we'll just avoid those when the scary music comes on.

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  1. Ohhhh.... I have a great Afghan cookbook with plenty of pumpkin recipes, Dear. I'll happily share it with the fabulous babe who coined my new life mantra: " Beautiful mornings do not begin in the dark."

    Now if we could only convince my foolish O-Dark Adonis.