Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bad Day 349--The problem with a common sense approach

There is a big thunderstom raging outside and I am counting the seconds until the power goes out. Of course it will go out because it always goes out when we have company. You can count on the power to fail when we need it the most. Also, it was really hot today, so the house will be a furnace without the air conditioning. And Child 3 will run screaming into my room and I am so not excited about being woken up to be told the power isn't on. Sigh.

Sister 3 made us chicken piccata tonight which was delicious and gluten free! Because I had gluten free spaghetti on hand. Also capers and mushrooms. Apparently other people do not keep capers and mushrooms on hand, but I love them so we do. Not much bread around, though. Chicken Picata looks like this.

Chicken Piccata

The children loved it. So apparently it is OK to have lemon and chicken with pasta, but not lemon with chicken and rice in a soup. I cannot figure out the rules. But if you don't bread the chicken, and you use corn starch to thicken the sauce, you have a lovely gluten-free meal with things I always keep on hand. So this one is a winner!

A fellow tandem whose husband is in Afghanistan forwarded to me our bureau's annual "please don't dress like an idiot" e-mail. They asked everyone to use common sense which is completely the problem. You see, common sense is based on experience and your awareness of your surroundings. So if you are young, or oblivious, or conceited, or all three, you are going to come up with some very different rules than your colleagues for dress. For example, if you have spent the last four years wearing sweatshirts and cut-offs, then you might think that flip-flops are dressing up.

And if you believe that your best quality is your sex appeal, then you might dress like this.

That is actually a picture of a Halloween costume, but I've seen things close to it at the office. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a leather mini slit so high up the back I could see underwear. I suppose I should be thankful she was wearing some at all. And then there are the people who really believe that they look fine when they show up like this.

I think he is an attorney. But at least his shirt matches his shoes. Honestly. Reading GQ would so not help him. Some people are beyond help. But I am still bucking the trend at the Department. I wore my award shoes again today and again they did not fail and complete strangers told me how much they like them. They are my favorite shoes. Maybe of all time.

Giada de Laurentis is having a worse day than me.

Giada De Laurentiis stops by Access Hollywood Live on June 25, 2013 -- Access Hollywood

The Food Network replaced Paula Deen's time slots with her show, and Paula's fans are not happy about it. They want her to stand up for Paula on social media, so they are bullying Giada who does not make the decisions at the network. And I have to say, that kind of bullying of the innocent is exactly the problem that Paula Deen is supposed to have caused. So fans, cut it out. And to Giada, thank you--I love your pasta sauce at Target. Now if you could only make your gnocchi gluten free.

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