Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bad Day 340--The zombies ruined my piecrust

Things I learned today:

  1. My phone has weird emoticons on it that I cannot control. I don't understand what some of them mean, like this one  or this one I should still not be allowed to use this phone because I keep inserting weird emoticons into my facebook messaging. I apologize to anyone who finds this in their message. I don't know why it's even in my phone, or what message it could possibly convey. Perhaps "time to play monopoly with cats?"
  2. Gluten-free pie crust is really, really, really hard to make.
  3. Failing miserably at making a pie crust makes me very cranky.
  4. Baking powder and cornstarch should be packaged in containers that look completely different in every way.
  5. If you accidentally put baking powder into your berry pie filling it fizzles like a science experiment.
  6. You can fix a baking powder accident in your pie filling with lots of sugar.
  7. Berry pie filling is great on ice cream when your crust fails.
  8. Clothes that have been on the floor for 5 months can be picked up in 5 minutes if you threaten to throw them away.
  9. Father's Day stinks when your husband/father of your children is in Afghanistan.
  10. Child 2 is not afraid of zombies, and I should apologize for implying that she is. She is afraid of contact lenses instead.
This would be car-jacker in Texas is having a worse day than me. He hid out in an unlocked minivan until the woman who owned the car and her kids came out and got in it. Then he pulled a knife on the mom, but she decided she was having none of it. She grabbed the knife, punched the car-jacker in the face, ran the car deliberately into a telephone poll all while dialing 911. Then when the car-jacker jumped out of the car and tried to run away, she ran him down with the car. He was airlifted to the hospital and his car-jacking days are probably over. This is her picture.

She said she was just protecting her kids, and I think she is an awesome mom. So thank you, Ms. Spitfire, for fighting back and winning. I'm glad you and your children are safe and that car-jacker is no longer on the streets. People should not underestimate moms in mini-vans. And to Husband, let's not do another Father's Day with you in Afghanistan. 

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  1. Child2 is smart. Contact lenses ARE scary.

    Auntie Artie