Friday, June 28, 2013

Bad Day 351--I wouldn't walk 500 miles

My feet hurt. Not just ache--actually hurt like sharp, shooting pain every time I step on my left heel. Probably because I walked at least 10 miles today. I'm not really exaggerating. For those of you who know DC, I started out at Metro Center, then walked to L'Enfant Plaza, then over to the Lincoln Memorial, then up to Foggy Bottom. Sister 3 and the three nieces and Child 3 met me downtown because they wanted to see the memorials at night and also it's not as hot. We really thought we were going to get rained on because some really dark clouds passed over us, but they blew on through and we were remarkably dry, although very sweaty and tired. And hungry. Dinner was hours ago and we definitely walked it off. But the good news is that I found a Mediterranean place that has gluten-free pitas, so I will be looking for that chain again. Also, they serve olives as a side dish. The nieces were not impressed, but Child 3 was and ate every last one.

This is what the Lincoln Memorial looks like at night so you can see why they wanted to go.

What I hadn't noticed the many times I've been there before is that on the steps, carved in granite, is a marker where Dr. King gave his "I have a dream" speech. Not everyone pays attention to it, and obviously I had never realized it was there before. But this time, the steps were a little wet and the light reflected off the words "I have a dream." Most people walked right over it, but I saw a group of students from Texas A&M standing on it and one of the girls looked down and realized what it was. Her group left soon after, but just as she was leaving, she bent down and gently touched the spot where Dr. King had stood, quickly but reverently. It was a very sweet moment watching her pay homage to history.

It is way, way past my bedtime, so I'm too tired to write much more. This girl is having a worse day than me. No need to explain why.

OMG I want these so bad!! ♥ #fashion #shorts #spikes

So thank you, Ms. Spikey, for reminding me to be grateful for my lovely and comfortable pleated chiffon skirt that I wore today. It even held up during all the walking and I wasn't too hot. I love good fashion. Those shorts are in no way good fashion.


  1. We used to have a rule when we lived in only do one thing per day! Those distances are think, oh then we'll just walk over there and see that, oh and look...right there. It is insidious.k.

  2. The King marker was only installed about 10 years ago. I love the story behind it - it's a perfect civics lesson.

    A man from Kentucky was visiting the memorial in 1997 and couldn't believe that there was nothing there to commemorate Dr. King's famous speech. He wrote to his congresswoman to ask if she could do something to get a sign or some other marker posted. The congresswoman agreed that there should be something there to commemorate the speech and she worked to get legislation passed to install it.

    From the Congressional record --

    1. Anne, thanks for letting me know. I feel a lot better knowing that it's not just because I'm unobservant.