Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bad Day 148--Why is it so quiet?

The children are all out of the house at activities, so I have the whole place to myself, if I ignore The Dog, which is hard to do. I know that I should be doing something productive, like decorating the Christmas tree which was delivered and set up yesterday. We found a nursery in the southern part of our state that will deliver a fresh tree and set it up for less than I paid for one at Home Depot last year. It smells heavenly and it will be lovely once it's decorated, which it may never be because I am too short to reach the top and I can't put up the lights. Also, I don't feel well enough to do it.

If you know me, then you know that I must be really sick if I'm not able to put up the decorations because I love Christmas decorations. I have two trees. Yes, two. One for the kids to decorate, and one for me to make really pretty. One of my previous jobs was working in a craft store making Christmas wreaths and it just sort of spiraled from there and we have Christmas in every single room of the house. And it's lovely. One year, when we were first married, I actually put up the Christmas decorations on the day before Thanksgiving which is a big no no. But then, to be fair, I've never been the most patient person and when I lived in Norway I opened my Christmas presents on December 23rd. And I read the end of the book first, and no way could I wait to find out the gender of my children.

But Christmas will have to wait until Saturday morning this year because I'm just too darn tired. But on the bright side of things, I have discovered Arby's peppermint milkshakes do not make me nauseous and I don't feel guilty at all for having one (OK, a little guilty) because I'm still losing weight. This morning, my shoes didn't fit. What is up with that? How on earth did I lose weight in my feet?

The owner of this French chateau is having a worse day than me.

Chateau de Bellevue. <a href="">(</a>

Or rather, the owner of this former French chateau because it isn't a chateau anymore--it is a pile of rubble. Because the owner hired the worst contractor ever and instead of razing the out-building and renovating the chateau, they razed the chateau. By accident. So thank you, Mr. Russian billionaire former-chateau owner, for making me grateful and I will never have to hire your contractor. As I sit in my cozy, undecorated house, I'm very happy no one is going to bull-doze it down.

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