Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bad Day 173--Soap is better than a potato?

It is the actual day of Child 2's birthday and she had a lot of fun opening presents. However, because she is a very literal child, she is very easy to fool and we managed to convince her that her Grandma had given her soap for her birthday when really it was a ring that she had wrapped inside a soap box. She almost didn't open the box and must have thought her grandmother thought she smelled bad. Last year, I gave her a potato which was a reference to this Jimmy Kimmel video and made her laugh for like 10 minutes. But she loved all her presents even more this year and isn't even mad at me that I haven't finished that Ravenclaw scarf yet.

I'm not feeling well, so we'll just get right to the bad day. Former president George H. W. Bush is having a worse day than me.

File photo of former President Bush smiling as he listens to Republican presidential candidate Romney speak in Houston

Not only has he been ill and just got out of intensive care, which is bad enough, but he also learned from a German magazine that he had actually passed away because they published his obituary a little too early. It's not a nice thing to have Der Spiegel report your death while you're still alive. I don't know how you make up for that kind of mistake. It seems like a retraction wouldn't be good enough. But at any rate, I hope he can laugh about it. Plus, aren't Germans notorious for being early to things? So thank you, German reporters, for reminding me to fact check things before I publish them. Although for me, it's pretty easy to fact check with the children because they correct me every time I post something and I can fix it before too many people have read it. It's nice having my own editorial staff upstairs. OK, it's annoying, but rather helpful.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Fabulous & Wonderful #2!

    Auntie Artemis