Monday, December 17, 2012

Bad Day 160--Retraction

I need to issue a retraction. Child 3 says that I was wrong and she would never wear leggings as pants and I embarrassed her in front of 100 people and I was wrong. So Child 3, here is my apology. I am sorry. I should have realized that a child who is as fashion forward as you would never mistake leggings for pants and I should have realized you wanted your denim skirt to go over them. But in my defense, when you came to show them to me, you were wearing them on your head, so how was I to know for sure? Still, I am glad to know that I have taught you how to properly wear leggings. It is a happy moment know that you at least listen to some things I say.

Speaking of listening to people, I should listen to Child 1 more often. We went out for Chinese food, real Chinese food I might add, and I ordered all my favorite dishes and I ate way, way too much. Child 1 told me not to eat so much or it would make me sick and I said no I was fine and obviously not allergic to Chinese food so I ate a ton and now I'm sick. So Child 1 is very proud of herself and says she's turning into one of those people who is always right about everything. I'm not sure I like that. Also, I am still the mother, so my right trumps hers, but still, she was right and I was wrong. That is two things I was wrong about in 24 hours. I am so off my game. It must be the drugs (which aren't really drugs.) This is a picture of my favorite Chinese food.

This British woman in Australia is having a worse day than me. She was having a lovely walk along the beach carrying thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry which was not exactly a good idea, because a dingo came and stole her purse. 

That's right. A dingo snatched the bag right out of her hands and ran off with it. Maybe it was a British designer bag and the dingo was offended by it, but in any case, the purse is gone for good. Police put out a description of the dog, but hey, it's a dingo so it's unlikely anyone is going to turn him in. So thank you, Ms. British tourist, for reminding me that I should never take thousands of dollars worth of jewelry for a walk on the beach, and to be grateful that my purse has never been stolen by a dog. The Dog occasionally steals food, and eats my shoes, but my bags are all safely high on a shelf and out of the way.

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  1. Darn soy sauce. Glad you at least enjoyed it before getting sick.