Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bad Day 152--Mmm.

Somebody is 12 Days of Christmasing us. It's very sweet. Last night they gave us a can of pears. Tonight, they gave us chocolate turtles and a bar of Dove soap. I've never been the recipient of the 12 Days before, even though when I was growing up, I remember doing it with my family for friends and church members. It's rather exciting being the recipient, although the children keep asking me who it is and I tell them over and over again that I have no idea. I realize that I know everything and I can read minds and I can tell when people are lying, but I am not psychic enough to tell who is anonymously leaving treats on our doorstep.

So the greatest invention of the 21st century is the laundry detergent pod.

Oh, I know. There are Mars Rovers and the iPad and smart phones, but I have never seen an iPad make the children help with chores and can a Mars Rover measure the perfect amount of detergent? And the thing that I absolutely love about them is that Procter & Gamble recently stated that they invented them because they realized that women feel stress about delegating laundry chores. Really! A company actually made a product designed to help me! On purpose! Because I'm stressed about the laundry! If they can invent a product that will fold and put away the laundry, I will marry them. And I will buy the Tide pods forever and ever until they make something better which I'm not sure they can.

These customers at a restaurant in California are having a worse day than me. Here is a picture of their receipt. See if you can tell why.

Customers Called 'Fat Girls' on Restaurant Bill (ABC News)

Yep. The server at the restaurant called them "fat girls" on the receipt. Then when they complained, the manager laughed and insisted they pay the bill. This seems to be a trend or at least people are noticing and posting about it on the internet, and it makes me wonder how many insults I've missed because I never read the receipt. So I'll be watching. The first waiter to call me "hot redhead" on a receipt will not only get a big tip, I'll even fill out a customer comment card raving about the service. So thank you, California girls, for reminding me to be grateful that most restaurants value their customers. I hope it never happens to you again.

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