Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bad Day 158--Silent Night, and Day, and Night

I'm not speaking to Husband. He wouldn't know this because he didn't call me last night or today and if he calls tonight, I will not talk to him to tell him I am not speaking to him because that would defeat the whole purpose of the silent treatment. I know, most of you are thinking that the silent treatment is a stupid idea and doesn't really work and you would be right. But I haven't got many tools to convey displeasure while Husband is in Afghanistan and obviously sighing and putting my hands on my hips and giving him "the look" doesn't work over Skype. So the only recourse I have is to not talk to him and then write about it in this blog because I know he reads it. So Husband, when you read this, feel free to call and talk to the children because I am not speaking to you.

Today has not been a fun day. Child 1 is stomping around the house like a Grinch and being mean to everyone. And I am dealing with a Christmas Gift Disaster. I can't go into details because all of the children read this blog, but one of the gifts I had planned on may not happen and I am really, really upset about it and panicked that I won't be able find a substitute. But a few good things did happen. First, I managed to get to both Target and BJs today so I have some key elements for our Lille Jule Aften party taken care of. (If you don't know what Lille Jule Aften is, don't worry. I'll explain it all later once the cooking starts.) Second, Child 2 and Child 3 untangled some lights and we draped them on the bushes, so we're a little more lit and a little more colorful than before and they had a lot of fun helping and it looks pretty good. And third, Child 2 is wrapping some presents and just said, "This is awesome!" I'm glad she is excited, but I do have to say she picked out some things her sisters will love. So much better than the year she wanted to get them all Pokemon cards and I had to explain that gifts were supposed to be things the receiver liked, not the giver. But to be fair, she was only 9.

These football players from Arizona are having a worse day than me.

The player in the upper right behind the coach in the blue jacket got into a brawl with another player on his own team during a bowl game. No reason was stated, but both teammates were sent home with their parents. That's right--college football players were sent home from a bowl game for behaving badly. I am so impressed with their coach! And the best part is, the team won without them anyway. Wonder if they'll be back next year. So thank you, Wildcats, for reminding me that time-outs work even when you're over 18, not that my kids need them very often, but nice to have that in my tool-box just in case.

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  1. You woke me up from my first nap in two weeks.
    Did you expect me to be happy?

    Child 1