Friday, December 14, 2012

Bad Day 157--Back to purple

Today was a good day until it wasn't. I was having a great day at work. Important people were asking my opinion about issues that I know about and have an opinion on and they were listening to me! That still surprises me because nobody has been interested in my opinion for years. Years! Unless you count the tens of thousands of visa applicants in China, who really don't count because they were forced to listen to me. But seriously, even The Dog doesn't listen to me and she luuuuvs me.

But anyway, I was having a good day. Husband called, and I was getting a lot done, and then I came back from lunch and heard the news. My heart is broken and I am so, so very sad that I live in a country where this can happen. And it keeps happening and 26 families and all their friends, and co-workers, and neighbors, will never ever be the same. So today I am very grateful that my children are all home and safe and my heart goes out to Newtown, Connecticut because I know you are all having a worse day than me and I am so very sorry.

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