Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bad Day 105--Sick Day

You will be happy to know that the toilet is mostly fixed, except that the stand-pipe is too short, but Husband can deal with that when he comes home next time. I'm glad it's fixed because I spent the day in bed feeling like the crud on the bottom of a zombie's shoe. I went to the doctor who took a bunch of tests and prescribed a bunch of medicine and now I think I have a fever.

Since I feel too awful to write and it's going to take me at least 30 minutes to sort out the five prescriptions and figure out which one does what and when I'm supposed to take which with food or on an empty stomach, I'll get right to the bad day.

This man in Utah is having a worse day than me.


My head hurts too much to untangle, but I think what happened is that he stole a cop car, hit two other cars, got beat up and then resisted arrest. Apparently in his advanced state of drunkenness, he thought he could actually get away. So thank you, clueless police-car nabber, for reminding me that no matter how awful I might feel at the moment, my day was so much better than yours and doesn't involve waking up with a hangover in jail.

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  1. having a fever as an adult is the worst. I am sorry. Be well. k.