Friday, October 5, 2012

Bad Day 87--Hut hut!

I am blogging on my cell phone again because I am at the high school football game because Child 2 is in the band which is playing "Superfreak" right now. I have been to many dozens of high school football games in my life because I also played in the band. But that was in Texas where football is a religion. The band at this school is by far bigger than the football team. It is so big, in fact, that playing at the games is purely optional and they still take up 1/3 of the stands.

The other thing about football here is that the stands were empty at kick off time. The first quarter is almost over and there are still lots of empty seats. And there is no half-time show! Half-time was the JV cheerleading squad dancing to the band. No marching. No flags. It's a sacrilege, I tell you! Why else would you go to a football game if it's not to see the half-time show?

OK, there's the game and all but since I know only one of the players, it's not the same. Still, it was fun to go with the children and be a normal family at a football game and it brought us the best description ever of someone by Child 3: "He   is the one with the eyebrows that make him look like he just hit someone in the neck." I know that was in English, but I completely did not understand it, much like I didn't understand most of what was happening at the game, especially the cheerleaders because I could have sworn they were saying "Go Buy Twin!" which would not make sense so it must have been along the go fight win lines and Child 1 got tired of yelling in my ear and told me I was deaf. I know! I have been saying that for years, but they don't believe me.

Husband and I went to see Pirates of Penzance last summer and I had to keep asking him to interpret for me which he did, but then that made everyone around us mad because I kept saying what did he say and it was 105 degrees and it was awful because it was supposed to be our last date before he left and it was supposed to be special because that is what we saw on one of our first dates and we left in the middle. But leaving turned out to be a good decision because that was the night of the derecho which we got home ahead of by leaving early and then we were without power for 5 days and now every time there is a storm Child 3 freaks out. It has stormed pretty much every week since Husband has been gone, so I'm hoping eventually she will stop freaking out because all the drama is very wearying and it means that I can't freak out myself and I'm not very fond of thunderstorms, having grown up in an area where they turn into tornadoes and all.

This car buyer is having a worse day than me. He went to buy an SUV at a dealership and they accidentally sold it to him for $5,000 less than they should have. So the dealer wanted him to come back and sign a new agreement, which he declined to do seeing as how he had already bought it. So the dealer called the cops and had him arrested for theft. Yep. That's right. The dealer made a mistake and tried to fix it by arresting the customer who is now suing him for $2.2 million. I hope he gets every penny. So thank you, Mr. car buyer, for reminding me to be grateful that as stressful as my car buying experience was, it did not end with me in jail. And thank you, "Betsy" for sending this link and making me smile.

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