Monday, October 29, 2012

Bad Day 111--I thought there was supposed to be calm before a storm!

Sandy is approaching and things are getting tense around here--not because I fear the storm, but because yet again, the children are not listening to me and are not doing their homework which I am determined to have them finish before the power goes out because, darn it, they had all weekend and now it's Monday and couldn't they please just get. it. done! I have a feeling that teachers will not at all be sympathetic when they finally arrive back at school having had a long weekend to finish before the power went out. But I could be wrong. I suppose a miracle could happen and their entire school could blow away, but that is pretty unlikely since this is a hurricane and their school is on top of a hill, not on the beach or in a flood plain. Once, in Texas, a tornado blew the temporary buildings where all of the English classes were held into the house across the street. We were all thrilled (except for the owner of a house who must not have been happy to have trailers dumped on his home) because everyone thought it meant the slate was wiped clean, until someone, probably the principal  told us that teachers take their grade books home with them and since the tornado was overnight, the grades were all safe. But still, we got to have English in the gym for a while.

But having learned from the great Derecho last July, this time we are prepared and I am writing early to make sure none of you are disappointed by my inability to post with no power. The freezers are both full of ice to help keep the food cold longer. The laundry is done. We have lots of soup to heat up on the gas cook-top which we can use when the power is out, and my Kindle Fire is loaded up with reading material and is fully charged. We have gas in the car and lots of phone chargers, so I'll be able to check e-mail to see if there is school or work because I realized last night that all of the emergency notification systems assume that you have electricity! Not, perhaps, the best plan if your cordless phones don't work when the power is out and you can't check e-mail. Thank goodness for smart phones because I would hate to get ready for work tomorrow and get there to find out there isn't any.

Everyone in a boat off the Atlantic coast of the US is having a worse day than me. The HMS Bounty sunk off North Carolina and two crew are still missing.

A Disney cruise ship pitched so violently that the pool spilled over and all the guests were sick. Never fear, though, the Disney company nicely offered them all 25% off of their next cruise, wisely assuming that many of them will be so unhappy that they will never cruise again and Disney won't have to make good on the discount. So thank you, cruise passengers, for making me grateful that although I am sick to my stomach, I am not at the mercy of an evil corporation and when I go to sleep in my nice comfortable bed, it will be blissfully, and restfully perfectly still, not pitching around the Atlantic like some horrible ride at Disney World such as that big ship thing that goes up and down like a huge swing which I will never go on.

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