Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bad Day 163--It's crowded in here

Husband is home and is trying to sleep, but it's a little difficult because all of our children plus The Dog are on the bed with him. One of them is trying to do algebra, and the other two are looking at the pictures on Husband's iPad. I should mention that they have seen all these photos before, but they are giggling and laughing, which is a good thing except when you're trying to sleep. I am underestimating Husband's ability to sleep, however, which is more like a super-power because he can sleep through anything. He slept through the movie "Independence Day" which is the loudest movie ever, so the giggling isn't keeping him up and he's snoring away.

Part of the laughter is due to this photo which Child 1 just took of The Dog.

The Dog is actually quite pretty in person which is why we picked her and felt thoroughly deceived when she turned out to be so mean to babies and stuffed animals, but she is extremely unphotogenic and here she looks like she belongs in the movie Gremlins. This is not her best look. Child 3 thinks she looks like a furry pig.

I should also mention that Husband is making us watch football, although to be fair, he did watch a couple of hours of "The Cake Boss" and "Say Yes to the Dress" this afternoon because I had control of the remote. But I suppose falling asleep while watching football is a normal male thing to do. We'd forgotten. I keep closing my eyes and opening them just to check that he's still here. Wait a sec and I'll do it again. Yep. Still here. Sigh of happiness.

The mother of this three-year old boy in Australia is having a worse day than me. She opened up her son's closet to discover this lovely box of deadly snakes.


Her son had found some eggs in the backyard and like most boys, picked them up and put them in a take-out box in his closet, not realizing that they would grow up to be one of the deadliest venomous snakes known to man. I don't mind snakes, but finding a plastic bin in the closet full of poisonous ones would be enough to stop my heart on its own without a snake-bite. My Dad once came home with a garter snake when he was about five and my Grandma locked him out of the house. She still talked about that incident with horror 50 years later and that was just a regular snake. So thank you, brave Aussie mom, for reminding me to be grateful that we don't have many poisonous snakes where I live and definitely none in my backyard and never in my closet. If we did, I'm sure The Dog would let us know, or maybe not since snakes don't resemble Hello Kitty too much.

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  1. Welcome Home to the Most Fabulous Husband Who Isn't Mine and Merry Christmas to All. (Except the Aussie snakes.)