Friday, March 1, 2013

Bad Day 234--A good pant is hard to find

My birthday is coming up, so I took the children to the mall and made them buy me presents. Husband usually takes care of these things, but he is not here and I love birthday presents and there was no hope that they would ever buy them on their own and I really don't want presents from the Halal food grocery store which is what is within walking distance of our house. Also Dunkin' Donuts which contains not a single thing I can eat.

While the children were shopping for me, I went looking for casual pants and a denim skirt, so of course I bought some pajamas and a purse. Because I still can't find pants that fit. I am in-between sizes so everything either makes me look like my bum is sagging or I can't zip them up. Also, apparently America doesn't believe in denim skirts anymore. I couldn't find a single one. I did find a sparkly sequined mini in a store for grown women which made me want to throw up. It was a store my mother shops in and should never, ever have sequined minis. This is not a skirt I want to wear with my pink suede flip flops.

Plus, sequins are itchy and not very comfortable for Saturdays at the soccer field. This is what I was looking for, only not with those shoes.  But apparently, it only exists in my head and not actually in a store.

But at least the jammies are very comfortable. I might never take them off.

This woman in Massachusetts is having a worse day than me.

She received a FedEx package at her house which of course she opened thinking it was a birthday present for her daughter. Instead, it was filled with drugs. Then two men knocked on her door and asked for the package and scared her to death so she called the police. Now she is suing FedEx because she claims they gave her address to drug dealers. So thank you, FedEx, for never delivering a package of drugs to my house. And to my parents, your birthday present came (and was not a box of drugs.) Thank you! I'm going to use it happily all weekend to shred boxes and boxes of documents. Yippee! My very own cross-cut shredder that Husband does not need to buy me anymore. He and I are both very grateful.

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  1. Happy birthday and YAY for the shredder! Awesome present!