Monday, March 25, 2013

Bad Day 258--I should have knocked on wood

So I cursed Husband's flight by writing about airline delays and he arrived two hours late, very tired, but very happy to see us. And he is here, so I don't care that I had to wait. I will do anything I have to to have him home, even eat Korean food for lunch, which I did. I had bibimbap without soy sauce and with tofu because all the meat would be marinated in soy sauce and I love him and he loves Korean food, so there you go.

It was actually pretty good food despite the lack of meat and it is the kind of Korean restaurant where you know the food is going to be authentic because everyone else in the restaurant is speaking Korean. Husband was really happy because they don't have much Korean food in Afghanistan, or any Korean food at all. Really. Did you think maybe they did? The children were happy and Child 1 said she felt right at home. I should probably take them out for Korean food more often because they love it. However, since all my favorite Korean foods are made with wheat, it's not as fun to not eat the things you like. But that is my life now. It's Child 3's too. She had a little melt-down at lunch and then dinner because she is mourning the loss of her favorite foods and is having a hard time finding things for lunch. The novelty of taking gluten-free pepperoni and olives for lunch is wearing off. But we had a brainstorm about making our own kimbap for lunch which is like sushi rolls only the meat is cooked Spam. She loves it and it would be completely gluten-free because it is just Spam, rice and seaweed. I know. Not my idea of a delicious lunch, either, but I haven't spent 70% of my life in Asia.

Husband has jet lag and is fast asleep. I am watching one of those shows where a real chef goes into a restaurant and is supposed to help them fix it because it's losing money and the people who work at that restaurant are totally having a worse day than me.

The owners are in complete denial that they have a terrible restaurant, even though they were losing money and requested to have Chef Ramsay come yell at help them. Sometimes I wonder if the people who volunteer to be on these mean makeover shows have actually ever watched the show. For the first season, you could say maybe they didn't know what they were in for. But Gordon Ramsay is mean. It's called "Kitchen Nightmares" in part because he doles out the nightmares along with the makeover. But not these owners. They are fighting back as if he were some uninvited guest who elbowed his way into their restaurant, not as if they actually serve bad food, which they totally do. Train-wreck television is awesome. I so love this show! Maybe because it's not my boss who is yelling. I had a yeller of a boss before and he totally gave me nightmares. Thank goodness that is not true of my current or next job. So thank you, Chef Ramsay, for making great TV and for reminding me to be grateful for supervisors who are kind and patient and encouraging and have my back. May my string of good luck continue and may there be no more yellers in my future.

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