Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bad Day 261--The beginning of the end

Tomorrow is Husband's last day with us and we are all terribly sad about it. I am handling it by touching him as much as possible to make sure it's not a mirage and that he is actually here. Child 1 and Child 3 are doing what normal children do which is to be mean to everyone because they are sad.  But I recognize this for what it is and I know that they are not really mad at me so it is OK. Now, after Husband leaves when they are still grumpy, we will see how well I handle it. But Child 2, on the other hand, tends to handle Husband leaving in a way that has me totally stumped on how to handle it and completely confused. When she encounters something that makes everyone else sad and grumpy, her go to coping mechanism is, wait for it, to become more optimistic. Yes, I have an optimist for a daughter which can only be Husband's fault because that has to be where the optimism comes from. I would swear she is not related to me, but I was there when I gave birth to her so I'm pretty sure she's my daughter. She goes around saying things like "well, at least we still have electricity." Or "Only 3 1/2 months until Dad is home for good!" Or "at least he is not in North Korea!" I suppose all of those are good things, but Child 2 is annoying the heck out of Child 1 and making her even grumpier, if that is possible.

Poor Child 3 is still sick, but on the mend. She made us all crack up at breakfast when I asked her if she wanted chamomile tea, and she replied no thank you because she didn't think camels should be food. I love having children just for the joy of conversations like that. I wouldn't want to drink tea made out of one of these, either.

This woman in Florida is having a worse day than me. She threw a surprise party for her boss, which you would think would be a nice thing. However, the higher-ups thought maybe she had used company funds for the party (which must have been much more than donuts and a card which is the usual Department celebration) so they looked at the books to see if that was true. And they found more than a few irregularities which showed that she had embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars. So thank you, Ms. Crook, for reminding me to bring home-made gluten-free cookies next time I celebrated someone's birthday. Although I have no control over any funds at work whatsoever, so I think I'll be alright.

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  1. I want to be Child 3 when I grow up.

    Love you all to pieces,

    Artie (and Adonis sends his best)