Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bad Day 259--We're getting there!

Husband is still jet-lagged. He probably will be this whole entire week, poor guy. So he is falling asleep and I am blogging because there is nothing else to do and I can't watch TV. OK, I could read, and I will, but I thought I'd get the blog out of the way first.

My feet hurt, and I may be coming down with a cold and Child 3 definitely has one because she spent the entire day using hand signals because her throat hurts and she has lost her voice. It's amazing what she can communicate without speaking. She has a very expressive face and hands. But it was worth it. Today was not a bad day, in spite of the fact that the weather was awful and this is the coldest spring break we have ever spent, bar none. We went downtown today and did touristy things and walked a lot. Miles. And miles. I wore my gray knit cloche hat that I bought in Brussels last year and my half boots and put my hair up in that do that looks like Princess Kate's and Child 3 said I looked like Downton Abbey. I take that as a compliment. The children had a ball being tourists, Husband was happy and we all made lots of fun memories. Child 1 even stopped instant messaging long enough to be goofy with her sisters and make fun of Husband's new "family dance." Don't ask. You don't want to learn it. And apparently omelettes for dinner is the new big thing. With mushrooms and cheese.

My version would be minus the toast and the herbs lest someone starts whining about why are there green things on her omelette and they are so hard to scrape off and I should wash them off or just make her a new omelette. Sigh. But at least they like mushrooms.

Speaking of spring break, these people who got temporary tattoos while on vacation are having a worse day than me. Apparently, vendors who do temporary tattoos like at the beach or on the boardwalk or at a fair use dyes that have a chemical in them that many people are allergic to and causes painful blisters. Regular henna tattoos made from vegetable dyes are fine, but the black ones may say they are temporary, but can leave permanent scars like this.

Child 1 asked for one a few years ago and I wouldn't let her and the pictures above are exactly why. So, Child 1, if you ever want a red henna tattoo, go right ahead, but skip the black kind because you know with our luck, you will scar. And thank you, spring break tattooees, for reminding me to be grateful that I won't even get my annual spring break allergic to sunscreen rash this year. Yes, that's right. I am allergic to sun screen and I break out into a rash every single year we go to the beach and I go anyway because I love the beach. But because this year we didn't go to the beach, I will be just fine. Who needs sunscreen when it's cold and rainy?

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  1. Does your sunscreen have gluten or wheat in it? hope everyone is feeling better soon!