Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bad Day 245--Yo no hablo español

120 Days left. That's about 4 months. I think I can survive 4 months, that is, if the Spanish homework or this stupid cold doesn't kill me first. I woke up at 5:30 completely miserable, unable to breathe through my nose with laryngitis and a headache the size of Texas. So I used one of my precious sick days and stayed home and slept until 1:30. It would have been lovely if I weren't so sick and miserable that I couldn't enjoy it. But that is why it would be a sick day and not a vacation day. And true to form, the children have completely ignored the fact that I am on my death bed and all of them want me to help them with their homework. So I spent the evening digging through 100 Years of Solitude (which is a really, really loooong book in which everyone has the same name so it's also confusing) with Child 1 and explaining the Boston Massacre to Child 3. Child 3 still has Spanish homework, but I'm too tired to help her, so I'm making Child 2 help her because Child 2 took Spanish last year and also in preschool so she is an expert compared to me. Child 2 has this sort of affinity for languages and when she was learning Spanish in preschool, she would come home speaking it and I couldn't understand her and would have to remind her to speak English to me. I did learn quickly that zapatos are shoes, but I can't remember how to say "tie" even though Child 2 asked me to do that a lot. She could speak Spanish and taught herself how to read at age 4, but she couldn't tie her shoes by herself.

My headache is still trying to hammer and chisel its way out of my skull, and Child 3 is still not done with her homework, so I'll get right to the bad day and the driver of this Ferrari who really is having a worse day than me.

In case you can't tell, that is a swamp he crashed into. Apparently, a friend of the owner was at a car show where they were having speed trials and he drove down an airport runway trying to get the car to go as fast as it would go. The only problem is, he ran out of runway before he ran out of speed and he forgot that he might need some road left on which to stop, given that he was going super fast. The car may be salvageable, but it will probably cost as much to fix it as to buy a new one. I sure hope they have insurance. So thank you, Mr. Speed Demon, for reminding me to be grateful that I remember the laws of physics and would never drive a Ferrari on such a short runway. Also, my minivan won't accelerate that fast. But really, I hope your friendship survives this crash, because I know how I would feel about a "friend" who wrecked my sports car, if I ever have one, which I won't because we don't make enough in the Department to be able to afford one. Maybe when I win the lottery, if I ever buy a ticket. I kind of need to save my money because of this whole sequester thing. I am so, so never going to have enough money for a Ferrari.

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