Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bad Day 243--Best dinner idea ever

Child 1 is sick and has been hanging out in my bed using my massage chair. Without asking I might add--while I was not home. And using my Kleenex and watching Star Trek TNG on Netflix while using my massage chair. I can tell because half of my Kleenex were strewn all over the floor--not by Child 1 but by The Dog because she will eat Kleenex if you put it in a trash can she can reach, which Child 1 did. So we'll see how long it will be before I get sick because I had to pick up all the nasty Kleenex  I seriously do not like that dog. OK, maybe I like her a little bit, but not very much. She stole one of my shoes the other night and was sleeping with it--one of my favorite shoes, of course. At least she didn't eat it.

Some friends had us over for dinner tonight for their weekly traditional Sunday dinner which consists of popcorn and ice cream, which I have to say is a brilliant idea for Sunday dinner. They had three different flavors of pop-corn, all homemade, so it's not like they just threw a bag in the microwave. And there were also several flavors of ice cream including vanilla just for me, along with home-made hot fudge sauce for everyone else. It was a lot of fun to swap foreign service stories and chat and there is very little to clean up when you have popcorn for dinner. Seriously, brilliant! I think we might have to try that once in a while. But not next Sunday because we will be eating this:

Yes. Next Sunday is St. Patrick's Day which is a very important tradition in my family who are not Irish at all, even a little bit. However, every year for St. Patrick's Day, my father would make us corned beef and cabbage and we loved it. Loved it so much, that now that all of us are grown up, we all still make it every year. I even make it more than once, I love corned beef so much. Once, Sister 3 had people over for dinner and fed them corned beef and they took huge helpings of it leaving her very little and none for leftovers and she cried. And I completely would have done the same thing. Once, I cried because someone ate the leftovers and I wanted them for lunch.

I'm not exactly sure what it is about corned beef that I love so much, but it doesn't matter because I look forward to this dinner every year. So much so, that once in China when we couldn't find corned beef, some friends actually gave me a tin they had bought earlier because I was so sad about it and they felt sorry for me. When we can find it, we cook the fresh version, but canned will do if there is nothing else. There is also a green jell-o salad that goes with the meal, which I will talk about more next week. But maybe we'll try the popcorn and ice cream dinner after that.

These children in Norway are having a worse day than me. Their parents are, too. Apparently, their teacher brought a vial of her own blood into school and poured it into a dish and let her kindergarten class touch it. When one of the children asked how to get the blood off of her finger after she dipped it in the blood, the teacher told her to lick it. And because they are kindergartners  who do things like eat paste and boogers and listen mostly to their teachers, they did. They actually licked the blood off. The teacher, of course, has been fired but I'm sure the parents are having nightmares. So thank you, Ms. Vampire, for reminding me to be grateful that this year, the children's teachers are mostly sane and none of them have ever brought blood to school for show and tell. Honestly, how could she possibly have thought that was a good idea? I realize that Norway being dark for 1/2 the year might make it attractive to vampires, but you would think being one of the un-dead would show up on the normal security background check. Maybe kindergarten classrooms should all have mirrors installed and grow garlic as a class project. You know, just to be on the safe side.

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