Friday, October 12, 2012

Bad Day 94--Coming home

Tonight was the homecoming game and Child 1 and Child 2 went to the game and had a blast because their team won, which is a rarity, apparently. The dance is tomorrow night, which is so much more sane than having it right after the game which my high school tried once and everyone complained. I also noticed that they do not do homecoming mums here. For those of you who aren't Texans, you may not know that the traditional corsage there has morphed into something mutant that is more akin to a Las Vegas billboard crossed with a funeral wreath and a toy store. Don't believe me? Here is a picture of one.

What you can't see are the blinking lights. Apparently, the size of the mum is an advertisement for how much your date likes you and some of them are actually bigger than the girls wearing them. I saw a picture of one girl whose mum was so big, she had attached it to a garbage can lid and was carrying it like a shield. Everything is bigger in Texas! (Except me. I'm rather short.) I am so glad they do not do mums here because Child 1 would never wear one and also, they are so heavy that you have to reinforce your dress, and I am not about to sew patches inside her dress.

Tonight, I went to dinner with friends and it was lovely. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to be around people. I spend most of my time avoiding everyone because I hate answering the question "how are you doing?" Most people really don't want to know and if they do, it's because of morbid curiosity, not because they genuinely care about me or how I am handling Afghanistan. But tonight was full of people who not only know me, but like me and support me and honestly want to know how I am holding up. And it was lovely. So thank you, my Seoul posse! Please, let's do it again soon.

This woman in Detroit is having a worse day than me. She left her home for a year, and when she came back home, there was a squatter living in it whom she can't evict without a long legal battle. So they are both living in the house together, even though the owner is afraid of the squatter who is absolutely crazy. So thank you, Ms. Peterson, for reminding me to be grateful that we were successful in getting our renters out before we moved in, even though they didn't want to leave. And I am especially grateful that the only crazy lady in our house is me, and I never have to leave if I don't want to. Except to go to the pumpkin patch tomorrow with Artemis. 

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  1. Fear not, my Dearest friend. Pumpkin corsages cure all ills.