Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bad Day 207--Do all bags go to heaven?

You may remember (or probably not unless you are Child 2 who remembers everything I have ever written in this blog) that I bought a fabulous pewter-colored purse to commute with not long after Husband left for Afghanistan because shopping can help dull the pain. Not to mention that I also sort of have this thing about handbags and own far too many for my own good. But I love them all and I'm not giving up a single one. Well anyway, the pewter bag is slowly dying. The stitches popped out on a couple of pockets, but I could live with that. What I can't live with is that the leather on the inside of  the straps is cracking and peeling. It is obviously too thin and I am not happy about it because I really like that bag. So in order to make it last longer, I bought a second commuter bag which I found on sale at Marshalls. I confess. I didn't know Marshalls, but now I totally get the commercial where the woman would rather shop there than leave for the airport. I haven't been in very often since I couldn't really fit into the sizes although I definitely can now, and I knew they claimed they had designer clothing and accessories, but I didn't know they carried Kate Spade! I totally would have bought a Kate Spade bag if I had found one big enough. Sadly, the only ones they had were pretty tiny and wouldn't work for my commute. But I found a purple Badgeley Mischka. This one, to be exact. And it's even prettier in person! And I could afford it even on my tiny federal government salary because Marshalls is cheap!

I don't know if it's "professional" enough to pass the ridiculous dress code because the "unprofessional" purse they showed on the slide was gorgeous and looked like Michael Kors to me. But I think this one will do. It won't go very well with my olive green coat, so I'll just have to wear the navy one. Nothing goes with the ugly dirt/mushroom coat, so it will be OK with that anyway.

Two of the children caught the whirlwind and cleaned up their rooms, did laundry, and redecorated their bathroom which is now the prettiest bathroom in the house. I'm a little jealous and now am making plans for my own. I just have to decide on a color which will not be purple but will probably be green because I do love green, so much that every room in our house used to be decorated in a different shade of green, but now the children's bathroom is lavender and the kitchen is cobalt blue even though you can't tell. Also, the former murder bathroom is now blush. (We had to paint it sort of pink because I was afraid the blood-red color would bleed through like in some horror movie.) That leaves my bedroom, the living room, the family room, Child 1's room (although that is just apple green accents,) and my bathroom which are all shades of green. And I really have no real desire to change the decorating scheme, so I'll probably keep the bathroom green. If it makes me happy, why change it?

This fake police officer in Maryland is having a worse day than me.


He apparently was making a nice living pulling people over and shaking them down for money in return for not writing them a "ticket" which he is legally not allowed to do since he wasn't really a police officer. And then he pulled over a real off-duty policeman who called his bluff and then called his friends who were on duty. And then the fake policeman got to see the inside of a real jail cell. So thank you, Mr. Fauxlice (rhymes with police, not lice), for reminding me to always ask to see the badge of the officer should I ever get pulled over which isn't likely since I'm an excellent driver. And to be grateful that Child 1 is, too. Makes it much easier to sit up at night and wait for her which is something I will gladly hand over to Husband when he comes home because I am extremely tired and it is only 9 pm.

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