Friday, February 8, 2013

Bad Day 213--We ride at dawn!

I'm preparing for battle. OK, not exactly battle--just a Girl Scout overnight with about 50 girls plus their leaders. And it's not at dawn, but I imagine when dawn arrives there will be many girls who will still be awake. The overnight is in an old tavern which may or may not be haunted. I'm not afraid of ghosts. If there are any, I fully expect my grandfather (who haunts my dreams on a regular basis) to give them a good dressing down and tell them they are wasting their existence and they should have studied finance and could they please tell his granddaughter to buy some stocks because she never listens to him. (If you know anything about my maternal grandfather, then that last part was really, really funny and I bet you are laughing out loud.)

But I am not expecting any sleep despite whatever ghosts may or may not appear, or any internet access, thus I am blogging at lunch. I have to go on this GS overnight so that Child 2 can qualify for her Silver Award which I'm told is the GS equivalent of an Eagle Scout and is totally cool and Child 2 has to get. So I had to give away send Child 1 and Child 3 to sleepovers tonight. I bribed Genevieve with pizza to take Child 3. The GS are providing "healthy snacks" whatever that means which will probably mean they are not gluten free. If you have food allergies, you are allowed to bring your own food, so I will be bringing Cheetos and gluten-free cookies. Don't judge. You might eat more cheetos, too, if you could never, ever have a brownie again for the rest of your life. Also, Child 2 likes them and I am all about bribing the children to like me because even though Husband left us for Afghanistan, somehow he is still the favorite parent. I have to use whatever I can to win!

These students in Ohio are having a worse day than me. They decided to stage a huge waterballoon fight over lunch which sounds like a lot of fun. For those of you who live in a cave and have never seen such a fight, it looks like this.

It is probably better to have such fights outside in warm weather, but since it's winter in Ohio, they did it in the cafeteria and the school officials who had warned them not to do it because slippery, wet floors are a safety issue, canceled their prom. Yep. They decided to punish the entire school instead of just the kids who participated. So no prom. I didn't get to go to my prom because I was sick and I have always regretted missing it. So to the seniors of Cincinnati who will get no prom, I'm sorry your administrators are no fun. And to the prinicpal of the high school whose brilliant idea it was to threaten them with canceling prom, thank you for making me look like a really relaxed parent. And remember, never threaten children with something you don't want to do, because now you can't back out or they will never trust you again. But I bet some parents will get together to throw an unofficial prom. Or show the kids Footloose during class. That could give them ideas.

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