Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bad Day 215--Double the effort for nothing

I made two dinners tonight. Two! And I only got to eat one. It's not that the other was inedible or ruined, it's that I didn't realize when I was making it that I wouldn't be able to eat it. See, as I have mentioned before, I love my crock pot. Love. It. It is the one appliance I could not survive without because nothing is better than dumping ingredients into a pot and turning it on and forgetting about it and then when it's dinner time, all you have to do is set the table and eat it. It's amazing and in the winter, I use it to make the most delicious stew which everyone loves and is the perfect thing for a cold winter Sunday evening. And today, I was making it and Child 3 told me to stop immediately so I wouldn't get sick because the stew was poisoned. OK, not really poisoned, but full of wheat which I didn't know and this is the culprit.

Yep. Condensed tomato soup has wheat flour in it which would have negated all the trouble I went to avoid getting sick by bringing my own sacrament bread. I was upset and told the children they could just eat it and I would find something else and they all said why didn't I make improvised soup instead which they all love. Improvised soup is named thusly because Child 1 invented it from ingredients she found in the cupboard and it is very yummy and includes sliced black olives. Odd, I know, but we all love it, so I made it, and some cornbread with gluten-free flour which turned out a little dry so I will need to find a better recipe but it was good with honey on it. And also ants-on-a-log which is one of Child 3's specialties and will most certainly be on our restaurant menu when she and I open our country/home cooking restaurant/candy store in Guam at which I will have to do most of the cooking. It will be an interesting retirement for sure. I asked her what Husband was supposed to do in the restaurant since she will run it and she has appointed me head chef and she had completely no idea but then thought maybe he could work the register in the candy store. So there you go, Husband! You can sell the candy which will all be gluten-free.

Quote of the month goes to Child 3 who when we saw a woman wearing at least 8 sombreros along with purple velvet pants with green flowered chiffon bell bottoms said the following: "Well, let's just pretend we didn't see that!" I am still laughing.

Husband gets the credit for alerting me to this neighborhood of people in Virginia who are all having a worse day than me. The homeowner's association has been in a fight with some residents that started out over a campaign sign they decided was too big and descended into general nastiness on both sides. And I have to say that after reading the article, all the people involved were petty in the extreme and should be ashamed of themselves. The HOA fought so long and hard that they are now bankrupt and the bankruptcy court is selling the square of parkland that their homes surround. It's a shame when anyone at the beginning could have been the bigger person and dropped the whole thing. But since they all had to be right, the lawyers are the only winners. So thank you, Olde Belhaven HOA for reminding me to be grateful that my HOA doesn't care about campaign signs in the yard. Or green energy ones which is what we have there now. And also, to be thankful for my neighbors who despite the occasional loud party and stealing of trash cans have never sued me or complained to the HOA. And I hope they never will because I certainly wouldn't. Good fences make good neighbors and so does forgiveness.

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