Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bad Day 219--The Red Party

So we had our annual Red Party today. No, we are not communist. It is called The Red Party because Child 2 could not for the life of her pronounce Valentine's Day. But it has evolved into being a party where we wear red clothes and eat red food and give red presents. I used to give the children Valentine T-shirts, but they are now all too cool to wear them so this year I just gave them all chocolates which I think Child 2 has already eaten. Because someone should enjoy chocolate on Valentine's Day and it's not going to be me.

Husband sent flowers which are beautiful and sweet and sooo much better than the print out mustache disguise kit that he gave me last year. OK, I admit that the mustache thing was funny, but is the most unromantic gift ever. The ironic thing is that I actually want a cross-cut shredder for my birthday and Husband refuses to purchase it for me even though I can't think of anything else I want because he says that is not something you buy your wife when you are in Afghanistan. He is probably right, but I still want a shredder.

If I had this cute shredder, I would decorate it with stickers to look like a robot.

The people who went on this cruise to Mexico are all having a worse day than me. I had a very happy time on our cruise in the Mediterranean which Husband calls the Best Week of His Life. But these people did not have a good time after a fire ruined their engine room so they have no power which means no hot water, no air conditioning, no hot food, and apparently no working toilets. They had to tow them to Alabama and it took days.

So thank you, Carnival Cruise line, for reminding me to be grateful that I sailed on Royal Caribbean. Although, I have to say, even if we had run out of power and had no food, I would have still enjoyed being with Husband for 24 hours a day. But I hope the passengers get their money back because who on earth would want to pay for camping on a ship where there were not even any trees or animals? And also, I hate camping so I definitely would not pay for that.

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